THE LAW AND THE Intervention - Clementina Egwolomena Ukiri

This is a little syllogism of how we are liberated from accusations like in a law court.
Jesus Christ and Lucifer are lawyers. They are ministers in the temple of Justice!
Lucifer is the accuser (the prosecutor) and Jesus Christ is the Savior (the defense counsel)
The laws are made by God (the Almighty, herein refer to Your Supremacy and My Lord) to keep man in good position with Him and fellow men.

God has two thrones. The throne of Justice and a higher thrown of Mercy. Justice is His usual sit. He adjudicates over the affairs of men.
Jesus Christ and Lucifer are lawyers.  Lucifer the Prosecutor on the one hand, Jesus Christ the Defense counsel on the other hand.
Lucifer is the accuser and Jesus is the Savior respectively.

The two thrones of God are the 'throne of Justice', for the application of Statute and common Law (e.g. Mosaic Laws and Sharia Laws) and the higher 'thrown of mercy' which is the court of Equity and prerogative of mercy.

Now, Lucifer the devil usually goes about fishing for his victims to implicate. He is a cast away with a special vendetta...and he specializes in 'Malicious Prosecution'.
Lucifer drags men to the court of justice at every opportunity, because he knows the position of God with those who flouts His laws. That is Lucifer’s’ pathetic situation anyway.    
However, Jesus the master of 'allocutus' is on the right hand of God arguing a favorable application on behalf of men.

Lucifer quotes the Laws and cites authorities and matches same with the sins of men and submits beautifully urging His Supremacy (God) to follow the cause of justice. Convict and Sentence man to hell fire, he roars!

Jesus smartly addresses the court by acknowledging the job of the Lucifer and adds more, listen. “Your supremacy, I would not have agreed more with my learned friend Lucifer for his well-developed and beautiful submission on man, the accused. In fact my lord, it is for the sake of man I died, so that he may be reconciled with you. However, like my learned junior has submitted, indeed man deserves to be punished.
My plea notwithstanding is that the court should not go for the head like it did to Lucifer my very learned colleague.

Your supremacy, I humbly apply for your leave to cast the mind of the court back to my suffering on the cross of Calvary, where my precious blood was shed for man's sake.
'Leave is hereby granted!’ ordered the upright judge. Apparently swayed by Jesus’ argument.
Swiftly, Jesus responded, 'as the court pleases, I'm most grateful my Lord'.
He continues….if therefore, my Lord cast this man and all men to eternal condemnation, and how then will they repent and turn to Your Supremacy? The hope for your creatures to worship your majesty forever would have been defeated, the purpose of my sacrifice would have become naught.                      
My Lord it is in the light of this, as it pleases my Lord and for my sake that I humbly appeal to Your Supremacy to move away from the throne of Justice to a higher throne of Mercy, so as to temper justice with mercy.
Lucifer jumps up 'objection Your Supremacy! It is a trite Law that the soul that sins shall die!    
With a thundering voice, 'objection overruled, I so rule!’ the Upright Ruler and perfect judge ruled.
And everyone present inclusive of Lucifer reaffirms, "as the court pleases!"

Jesus continues, ‘You are an upright Father and your Lordship wish is forever my command. I understand that this honorable court’s purpose for punishment is corrective and rehabilitation. I most respectfully crave my Lord's indulgence to the position of My Lordship's words in the 'Goods of the Bible', the portion which defines your intention for mankind.
It is to the effect my Lord that man should live peacefully on earth as paradise forever, not in hell fire. Hell fire is in the strict sense, only for my learned friend here Lucifer and its best to maintain the status quo.

Father, man indeed deserves your pity not withstanding his frailty. He has no power, Lucifer has on daily basis harasses man with temptations, sickness, poverty, untimely mortal death and many others. This is not to justify men's actions, but my Lord Your strings of Mercy is strong enough to pull closer the spiritually deaf and dumb mankind, who without a clue go about life.
Man is weak and powerless and that is his nature. How fair my Father will it be, for such a lowly creature to be judged on the same standard with Lucifer a hardened criminal by the court's pronouncement? And in fact, a man offense from history of creation has been adjudged the consequences of Lucifer's corruption of man.    
The devil again jumps up, objection my Lord, I take an exception to the character assassination of my person by my learned senior!

Your Supremacy rules again, 'your objection is overruled. Don't forget you are appearing before me with the leave of court and not as of right. Your action speaks for them and your notorious records are there for everyone to see. Be properly guided!'
Lucifer shamelessly, reaffirms God's supremacy," as the court pleases!"
And Jesus Christ concludes, "Finally, my solemn appeal is only to canvass for your innermost desire and love for mankind.

“That Your Will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give men this day their daily bread and forgive them their  trespasses as they forgive those who trespass against them and lead them not into temptation (Lucifer), deliver them from all evil (especially the ploys of Lucifer). For that is your kingdom, your power and Glory Forever will be”.

“The above piece is an excerpt from the Christian bible using a combination of narrative and descriptive tools to vividly elucidate the main topic of the writing. It furthers seizes a handful of literary devices to bring to our imagination the theatrics of the typical courtroom in other to bring home the writers purpose. Reading through, I hope you enjoyed thinking like a lawyer for a moment”
Conceived and birthed by Clementina  Egwolomena Ukiri.

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