The Peers Club

Virtually very school in Nigeria, other West African countries and abroad have a peers club. This is necessary because young children and teens in their school ages are most susceptible to influence from their peers.

The purpose of setting up a peers club or peers education club will stem our from one or more of the reasons below:
1. To inculcate the right attitude of morality in growing children. 
2. To reduce the deleterious effects of being negatively influenced by peers. 
3. To instill the spirit of discipline, competitiveness and excellence in young people. 
4. To create an avenue through which peers can educate themselves on things they already know and lessons that they have learnt either from punishments or painless corrections. 
5. To build a better relationship between school children and their teachers. 

The list is not exhaustive but these are just a few. 
Special attention needs to be paid to these growing children because it is at thus stage that they wonder most about certain changes in the body anatomy and physiology. 

However, the success of setting up a peers club h a s been fraught with many challenges some of which are; 
Problems with involvement of every school child. 
Challenges with meeting the organizational needs of providing all materials and instruments needed to foster the training among peers.
And thirdly, the problem of continuity. 

In the last challenge above, we often notice that one or a few teachers become matron or patron for the association. And due to the limited support by the other staff, the organization easily goes extinct if the supervising staff is made to leave the school or retires.

There is therefore, need to create, maintain and sustain a peers educator club in secondary schools and include plans, projects and programs that will be of immense benefits to the peers and the society at large

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  1. Well done job. Stand firm in God


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