The Value of Young Ones

Value of Young ones
Everyone will be young at one point in their lives. And if for no other reason, children and young people must be valued.
I believe that the adults that we have grown into is a mixed effect of our experiences in childhood and teen ages, and the level of support we received from older people around us.

Children are a gift from God. The growing up years is a gift that we all received. But these are some of the most important stages of our lives as people because that stage is capable of building us to become good adults or making us less responsible than we should be.

It's not as if adulthood is not important. As a matter of fact, we can get to change many things that we may have inherited from our childhood at adulthood. The only difference is that in childhood, others decide for us and the extent of external influence is by far greater.
However, in adulthood you are more rational and your decisions are tailored towards that path.

The Peer Educators Club should consist of staff well-trained or undergoing training in understanding the emotional, physical and intellectual needs of children and young people.

But of course, everyone else that is an adult is encouraged to be contributory to the development of children.
Most times, soft hearted people are those that have suffered enormously and have understood the bad side of suffering. Then, they make it their role to ensure that no one suffers the way they did.

Similarly, you know what you didn't enjoy at childhood and you considered necessary. It is time to make another child happy, because you saw how awful it could be.

The act of giving gifts to young people has been one of the things every child enjoys. And when a child tells you he is saving dome money to get his favourite toy, ask yourself this question; What is the source of his income? Of course, it's you and the other adults around them.

The days without money for ice cream can be so devastating especially when the other children are busy struggling never to leave a drop behind. All of these are the childhood experiences you'd wish were never there.

On the other hand, those are life's lessons being taught in smaller ways to you. You can't always get everything you want.
The bigger things that really affect these young ones may not necessarily include these experiences.
The same way emotional and other psychological traumas hit hard on adults is the same way they get to children. And it is important to keep every trigger of emotional and psychological trauma as far away as possible from these beautiful angels.

The incorporation of the Peers-Educators Club is going to be of immense benefits to children and young people in the school setting. However, in some countries including Nigeria, it may not have been very successful.

The young ones are truly valuable, like treasures that bear great worths within them. They are the future, adults are the present. Anyways, we are all of great value. 

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