About FIACIJ(Fight Against Corruption in the Judiciary) - NBA Ikorodu

FIACIJ is an online movement of lawyers in Nigeria committed to restoring the integrity of the judiciary as the last hope of the common man.

Through a vast network of lawyers on various WhatsApp platforms and facebook, FIACIJ adopts the '3R' technique which stands for Resist, Record and Report

The 3R process begins with a lawyer RESISTING the urge to give a bribe or to be extorted.

Secondly, the lawyer is encouraged to RECORD the incident of the corrupt act by whatever means possible and finally,

The lawyer is required to REPORT the act to any of our reporting platforms which includes the NBA Branch leaders or directly to the FIACIJ National Convener [NC] or any senior magistrate or Judge or directly to the Chief Judge.

Reports to the National Convener of FIACIJ are treated discreetly and efficiently for the purpose of providing results for the complainant.
For example, if a lawyer is asked to pay an unofficial amount to get a judgement or ruling, he can immediately call the national convener or mention to the official who is asking for a bribe that he would call FIACIJ and that alone resolves the problem.

On reporting a matter to the National Convener, the NC calls the official complained about to notifying him/her that a complaint has been made. The official usually denies the accusations but goes ahead to do his job without any more request being made.

FIACIJ has been effective in not only detering corrupt practices but has reduced the incidence of it in Lagos especially.

The Judiciary in Lagos officially partnered with FIACIJ and invited the National Convener to the training workshops of Judiciary staff to speak about the ills of corruption. This singular act put court registrars and sheriff on the alert that FIACIJ was watching them and monitoring their activities. The immediate past CJ of Lagos made it a point to always warn the judiciary staff regarding acts of corruption and never failed to wield the big stick when a case was made out against any Judiciary staff.

FIACIJ Continues to work with the judiciary in Lagos and other state judiciaries through its network members in a bid to eradicate corrupt tendencies within the Bench and the Bar.

Because of the sensitivity of many cases reported; FIACIJ keeps no records except those cases which have been escalated up to the level of the CJ through a formal petition.

Fiacij is mostly focused on changing attitudes, reeducation and sensitization.

Join our vast network of lawyers who say NO to corruption within the Judiciary and are committed to the 3R protocols TODAY!

For further details, contact:
The National Convener
Bayo Akinlade Esq

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