By S. O. K Shillings Esq.

Dear Distinguished Colleagues,

I hope this meets you well.
I am honoured to receive
the listed among my friends on this platform.

I reiterate my desire to lead the Bar as the 1st Vice President vide the 2020 elections.

It has been long since we, as a branch, have been in the map of our Association jostling for its reign. It was time we took decisive steps to actualize our desire. As they say, charity (including Fagade) begins from home. The home front is very important notwithstanding that it is a national election. Like the saying goes, your underwears know your secrets.

I enjoyed the support of those on ground in 2008 when I was voted as the Secretary of the Branch and in 2012 when I was returned as the Chairman. I made my significant contributions then.

My quest is an NBA that is responsive to the yearnings of its members and is ready to play its distinct role in the modeling of a Nigeria governed by rule of law.

The position of the VP is constitutionally a position of weakness. It is observable that NBA is perhaps the only organization where the Secretary ranks higher than the VP. Activities define positions. It requires a lot of tact and diplomacy to make the difference in that position.

I crave your support and assure you that you will be proud of me. In so doing, I welcome suggestions, guided queries and exertion of our energies in the sail.

There is plenty time to interface and interact on this subject. It is a marathon. And there will be phases.

Arise o' compatriots!

Yours faithfully,

S. O. K Shillings.

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