Lawyers Admonishment for a New Decade

 Forgetting what we have achieved in the past, let us press forward, towards the mark; towards our high calling_


In 2020, let us all play our part as lawyers.

To Serve our clients interests within the framework of the RULES OF PROFESSIONAL conduct and the Law

To uphold the Rule of Law, the principles Justice, fairness and equity in ALL our dealings


In NBA, let us work effectively for the professional advancement of others within the profession.

Let us abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct and eschew all acts of thuggery, sycophancy and bitterness.

Let us seek the good of our colleagues and resist negative political behaviour


Putting the Community first is putting yourself and family first

Use your professional calling to safeguard the rights of the most vulnerable in your community and ensure that government is accountable


You are all leaders; lead by example, in your homes, community, Local Government and in the State


As a Branch, we will continue to work to promote our individual welfare and the welfare of others

We welcome all members with a sincere heart to work with your talents and promote these talents using every resource available to the Branch.

We will explore new areas of community interventions while building up on the existing interventions

We will do our best to add value to the State Government in proposing better laws and ensuring the enforcement of existing ones to the benefit of all


This year, new leaders will emerge in our Branch. These leaders are already amongst us. And you are one of them.

A title or position is different from real leadership so as we vote this year, look around you for colleagues who are already walking the talk and not talking the walk.

It is said that a people deserve the leaders they get, in this profession, your choice of who leads this branch will be a reflection of where we are and where we need to get to as a collective of lawyers: so make your choice wisely by looking at the individual, his antecidence, his character and his sincerity of purpose. A leader who holds a position cannot give WHAT HE DOES NOT HAVE.

Do not only focus on one position i.e. Chairman, ALL OTHER OFFICERS SHOULD BE ELECTED with the same degree as though they were also contesting for the position of a Chairman because as lawyers; we all have the potential to lead.


It has been a great honour working with most of you. A great challenge working with others and I have learnt many lessons.

I have no regrets. I didn't make myself available to serve to win the hearts of my colleagues, I didn't come to serve to prove anything. It is a fools errand to compare administrations or to list achievements. The NBA platform is not a POLITICAL platform, it is AN ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONALS WITH SET OBJECTIVES which are to be driven by those who make themselves available to serve.

I appreciate all those who have worked with me, those who have worked against and those who did both at different times.

I urge us all, to do our best for this profession this year and I expect that those who continue to challenge me will continue to do so until I step down as I would expect myself to continue to challenge those who I feel that their motives towards the association which belongs to all of us are questionable.

I wish you all the best in 2020 and pray that we will suffer no loss in Jesus mighty name Amen

Bayo Akinlade Esq

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