"A friend in need they say, is a friend indeed!"

Indeed, with every societal chaos, crime rates are birth and given every reason to soar.

Generally and usually, persons in wheelchairs are regarded as vulnerable. Do not get me wrong, of a truth, they are vulnerable of a truth;, however, our definition of vulnerability and who are qualifies as 'Vulnerable' is of quite narrow.

The moment the Motorcycles and Tricycles riders were banned from operation, they joined the league of "The Vulnerables"; Let's admit it.

Do not forget our preexisting unemployed as well as those underemployed; These too are not outside the list. We must not forget the hosts of Yahoo experts and apprentices; the ever energetic Motor park touts; the jobless 'omo' and 'none-omo oniles' (indigenous and none indigenous Land brigadiers); and the branded cultists. The list should end there, right? No, not yet.

Equal consideration ought be given to legitimate hustlers; vocational apprentices; self sponsored Secondary/Tertiary institution students and undergraduates; the self determined physically disabled hawkers on our roads; and not leaving out those domestically abused victims or survivors.

Virtually every other Nigerian belong to one class, clan, community, group, organization or association as the case may be. If you try to deny that fact, the CDA (Community Development Association) will have you nailed to a Community Association naturally by virtue of your residency in that community. Except of course you live in the slum. But then, ego would not agree to admit.

Worthy of quote is the opinion of one fellow - Peter Koseunti Zedomi Esq., who in reference to one of his associations stated that:

"One of the essentiality of membership of an association is the hope that one's welfare will be catered for when need arises... A moment like this is a good time to cater for the welfare of members and he (Olumide Apata) responded where NBA didn't."

Whatever the label accorded the giver should be left to the judgment of the recipient. Some said it is for political reasons. Well, whoever comes up at a time to keep his colleagues sane and smiling is a learned friend indeed. The dead don't vote.

One trend is scary and fast spreading. Some of those within the list of 'Vulnerables' are fast invading communities one after the other.

But there is a way to curb this menace... I know of a lady who places food items right in front of her house in little quantities with a caption: "Let's share this today and see if we survive till the morrow's.

At first she expected these items would not be picked until night. A couple of days after, she did the same. To her chagrine, she got a piece of paper tucked under a stone right beside where she had the food placed. It reads:

"Thank you for the food items. We always pray you stay alive every morning. Kindly permit that we fetch water from your tap outside please." She let out water from her eyes' sockets first.

On the other hand, distressing and disheartening it is to note some Banking institutions, in the stead of sending palliative figures of money into their customers of many years' accounts, irrespective of how many millions they have in those accounts, some of which might never belong to the customers in the first place. These Banks preferred to give to political party members who have no account with them whatsoever. Not even for members of their own staff who slave their lives away, generating income from same customers. The very customers these Banks inadvertently prefer dead. Let us hope their recipients would pass on the Baton and not stagnate the gesture.

While mourning the demise or rarity of true humanity at a time like this, some good hearts spurred to action in good faith, have gone online calling fellow neighbour to emulate similar gestures and thereby break up the looming doom unleashed by covid-19, hunger, despicable leadership and day-light-hunger-induced-armed-robbery and more. These armed robbers are not spirits. When they see efforts as such, they may diffuse their inhuman inclinations.

It is a wake up call on all and sundry. This is no time to favour a particular party members. It is rather an opportunity to to win your opponent over.

Let us not be party inclined lest we keep turning the self serving table till the table eventually breaks. No one knows which is next in any situation, a clear heart assist the head to think straight.

Thus, in the stead of looking for who to label as whatsoever, look for NOT the 'Vulnerables' but for doors.

At those doors; give them some knocks and drop whatever you can and leave. Let's see if we can restore our factory settings and get our nation off the claws of extinction, man-made or otherwise. That way, we would survive this pandemic.

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