Caroline Ibharuneafe, Esq. Clarifies the Role of a Lawyer.

Lawyers are leaders and must rise up to leadership | Caroline Ibharuneafe

“Serve others: The heart of the leader is manifested through service to others.”
― Artika R. Tyner

The role of a lawyer depends on where you find him/her and may vary from place to place, however, one significant role a lawyer plays is to provide non-lawyers with legal advice. The lawyer is seen as a minister/priest in the temple of justice and it is his duty to ensure that the wheels of justice keep turning.

In a democratic society like ours, lawyers also play a vital role as the custodian of justice. The conscience of the people and a bridge between the government and its people. Alexis De Tocqueville once stated that “When one visits Americans and when one studies their laws, one sees the authority they have given to lawyers and the influence that they have allowed them to have in the government form the most powerful barrier today against the lapses of democracy”. The above quote shows the vital role lawyers have played in developing and nurturing the United States of America.

That brings me to the question, what is the role of lawyers in Nigeria today?

No doubt, Nigeria is experiencing pretty interesting times. Corruption and a lack of accountability have weakened the moral fabric of society and our economy is doing poorly. While this is ongoing, only few lawyers are paying attention while others are solely focused on their legal practice and pockets. When will lawyers realize that the downtrodden masses need their help, when will the lawyer summon up the courage to challenge government on its policies which are crippling us a people, when will he pursue reforms and march on the streets in a bid to secure the rights of his fellow Nigerian whom faith has put in his care.

Maybe the revelation will come to the Nigerian lawyer now and maybe not. However, if you are a lawyer reading this, WHEN WILL YOU COME TO NIGERIA’S AID?

Caroline Ibharuneafe
Former Vice – Chairman, NBA Ikeja
Integrity + accuracy

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