Legal Ethics Series 1- Lawyers Relationship With Colleagues: A Client Changing Lawyer.


The Nigerian lawyer has a duty to each other to abide by the basic tenents upheld by the 'Rules of Professional Conduct, 2007'.

One of such very important rules is that  " where a Client changes his lawyer, the new lawyer *-must* notify the former and ensure his fees are paid by the Client. Both lawyers must also *notify* the court"- Rule 29, RPC.

In otherwords, a lawyer is not permitted by the code of conduct of the profession to take over another lawyer's client through the backdoor. The process must be opened, fair and consented to by the Client, Lawyers and the court notified. All conjunctively to be in compliance.

No matter how some individuals or a group think the legal profesional ethics has denigrated, NBA as a professional body must at all times encourage good relationship between lawyers no matter the circumstance.

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