NBA ECNBA DISQUALIFICATION :This Is The Influence Of Devil And We Shall Vehemently Appeal The Verdict Within 7 Days; Adedotun Habeeb Adetunji, Esq. Insists.

Sequel to the release of the list of the provisionally qualified candidates to run for the forthcoming NBA National elections, Mr. Adedotun Habeeb Adetunji who was not qualified has vowed to appeal the decision based on his convictions that he is qualified but the decision is only but the influence of the devil (Shaitan)

His early morning statement on the disqualification made available to 'the Bar and Bench News ' reads as follows ;

"To all my teeming fans and supporters who have been calling and sending me messages from North, East, South and West since the news of my so called disqualification broke, I thank you very much and I dare say that this is the handwork of Shaitan but he won't succeed.

I believe this happened for a very positive reason. The reason given for my disqualification is that my seconder did not have sufficient duration of NEC Membership, meanwhile he has been NEC member since 2004 till date (unbroken).

What an irony? He has been Secretary of a Branch as NEC member 2004-2006, Chairman of a Branch as NEC member 2014-2016 and the current elected NEC Rep, 2018-2020.

He was coopted as NEC Rep by the Presidency of Olisa Agbakoba San 2006- 2008, Rotimi Akeredolu San 2008-2010, J.B. Daudu San 2010-2012, Okey Wali San 2012-2014 and A.B. Mahmoud San 2016- 2018. He has been a NEC member for 16 years unbroken period meanwhile, the constitutional requirement is to be in NEC for not less than two (2) years.

We are surely going to appeal vehemently. We have a window of 7 days to do that but the action starts now.

I thank you all for your support. Please keep the flag flying. No cause for alarm.


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