Olumide Akpata Echoes, "But Why...Why Did You Quit, Why Did You Give Up? You Should Not Have"; Kpobordgreat, Esq. Speaks On Akpata's Impact.


With fondness, I remember law week Lagos 2018, the Ankara rave party to end the law week. It still vibes like it was yesterday, a night ladened with fun, lots to eat and drink and merry.

Then came the dancing competition for male lawyers. The winner and the first runners up were going to be handed return tickets to any state of their choice in Nigeria courtesy Dana Air. 1st position was business class, while 2nd was economy.

I quipped at my colleague Dayo, that I was going out to dance and I'll win the ticket. Dayo thought I was kidding.

I quickly ran up the stage with almost 12 other lawyers or more. The showdown began and dancers were being  eliminated based on the shout of support from the audience for each dancer during each round.

The Mc was almost eliminating me at the first round with "Ojoro" but I survived. I knew I was the best dancer on the stage as "shaku shaku" just started reigning then and I was one of the few that knew the dance moves and that gave me the edge along with my other "wicked" dance moves 😉.

The crowd became biased routing for who they knew personally so the Mc had to change the rules and brought in Mr Olumide Akpata to be the judge and decider of who made it to the quarter finals and finals and choose the ultimate winner.

A certain Uche and I made it to the finals. Infact before the disc Jockey started playing, the crowd was screaming and routing  for Uche. He enjoyed staggering acceptance and support. The predominantly ylf flock was crowd headed by Justice John 🙄. I wasn't  a popular figure on ylp then, but Uche was their guy so he had the crowd support. I just had Dayo and Gabriel in my office routing for me plus two other ladies who knew me. When I saw the overwhelming support for Uche I lost hope, was   discouraged and after some few moves, I was physically tired, I gave up and thew in the towel.

Mr Olumide Akpata may not remember this, it was my first and only encounter with him till date, but he walked up to me and said " but why.... why did you quit, why did you give up, you shouldn't have... ."
 I said " Sir, see the crowd already crowned Uche the winner. He said " Forget the crowd,  I choose the  winner, and you were my winner, I would have chosen you, you dance better than him."

I knew I was the best dancer. Uche knew. The crowd knew. Mr Olumide Akpata knew also. But the crowd routed for Uche anyway because he was their guy, not because he was infact a better dancer. Maybe the crowd didn't like my face or the way I dressed,  but I was still the better dancer.

Indeed I shouldn't have given up.

Well, Mr Olumide Akpata unlike me is not giving up and lawyers like us won't be cowed by the crowd of the privileged that's routing for "Uche" who was a second best.

Despite the theatrics and the mooted support of "Uche" we are confident that the best dancer and performer will emerge victorious. More than ever before, we are surefooted Olumide will clinch the premier prize.

Mr Olumide Akpata stands tall. He has remarkably distinguished himself by a mile and that long streak of excellence and shared distinction, he will replicate and install at the bar when elected. 

He has got the nimbe limbs for some dangerous moves, that no opponent can match. Olumide dances to the beats and aspirations of young lawyers. His steps are strategic and trail blazing. He makes no audio moves. On the stage of progressive governance, no one dances better. He is shoulder high above all others. He is eminently poised to lend his voice and stamp his authority for the prosperity of the bar, extend his hands for the equity of the bar, explore his refined and polished mind for the remodelling of the bar. He is one of us, he will prove to be the best and only choice.

We will stand with Olumide Akpata this time as he has always stood with us and together we will transform and make NBA great, we won't give up, we won't quit, you shouldn't quit too until the best dancer is crowned the winner.....

#olumideakpatastandswithalllawyers #togetherwewillmakenbagreat

Kpobordgreat esq

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