Let me tell you a story.

Long long time ago in the little village of Ulama there lived a very handsome,hardworking man, rich man with finesse. He was the dreams of all the young maidens in the land.

He was so elegant that the leaders called him to take up chieftaincy titles because he was illustrious above his contemporaries.

One day, the EDIMKPA of Ulama village as he was called being as titled man whispered to himself, I need a wife! But a little bird sitting on a tree trunk nearby overheard the man's desires to  marry. Everyone wondered when Edimkpa would finally pick a wife. His name was Tamara! That is Edimkpa's birth name. The little bird has spread the word across the community. He had thought so highly of himself with the joke, only a goddess is fit for me and his kinsmen would laugh over it. 

Now, all the beautiful maidens were being prepared by parents and high priests to attract Tamarafor marriage. Everyone young female were head over heals in love with Tamara. Some called him the favorite of the gods. Little attention was paid to the possibility of the 'goddess of seasons' to love a man. She adorned herself in a warm afternoon and set out to prepare the village for the coming season of bountiness. To ensure no sickness and diseases are recorded in the coming season. Her name was OTIRI

OTIRI was an epitome of beauty and knowledge. She endeared in time and being seasons, she was forever young.Indeed,OTIRI was inexplicably charming that any man would fall for her even just a mere glimpse at her. 

Edimkpa was taking a stroll the very afternoon OTIRI descended to bless the land. She walked a few meters in front of Edimkpa, her legs barely touching the ground, but her smell of splendor and beauty left Edimkpa smitten and hopelessly wanting to behold her beauty. She vanished into thin air so soon. 

Edimkpa was convinced he had met his wife! The following day and at the same time, he was locking behind the bushes near where they had a glimpse of each other. After a long wait till night fall, OTIRI was no were to be found. Edimkpa was heart broken! 

He returned home in despair, but vowed to find his love at the same spot the next day.  keeping to his word, he was there the following day. Alas, OTIRI was there but this time looking straight to his eyes with the heat of communion. They fell in love with each other from that moment on.

They met at that point everyday same time. 

One fateful day, Edimkpa without a word never showed up because of his business and harvests. The goddess continued coming at the point to meet her love, but he was busy with other things. After a few days, Edimkpa showed up and explained his activities with apologies. She forgave him and they were happy again together. 

Again, Edimkpa repeated his absence this time with attending to community leadership activities. A few days afterwards, he resurfaced and apologized. With the circle of this trend, the goddess felt disrespected, unloved and violated. She disappeared this time for good only to be seen every season as a wind. 

Edimkpa consulted the oracles for answers as to why his love disappeared. The ancestors revealed that OTIRI was a jealous lover who needs constant attention because she is seasons and as the times changed, so must her lover keep up with her. 

Edimkpa lost his one and true love because of his disappearing acts. Till the children of that generation bore Grey hair, Edimkpa remained with the hope of winning the lost love and forgiveness of OTIRI, but she has become the wind that could only whisper to the ears of attentive listeners.

"Edimkpa, your OTIRI is a new generation woman and needs attention no matter what!" This became the slogan for every tale the grand mothers told the grand sons.


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