Tips to passing examinations:

By : Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Preparing for an examination can be onerous ,but the easiest way of making it  seamless is easing up the anxiety !

The following are time honoured tips to passing examinations:

1.Attend classes regularly and if you missed a class, update your note and discuss the topic with your peers .

2.Have a functional reading time table ,that guides you in reading !Do not read to cram,read to understand.

3.Purchase all prescribed text books and while reading take down notes of cardinal points ,that will give you a fillip during the Examinations.

4.Set up a study group made up of your peers ,you read together ,put questions across to one another for cross fertilisation of ideas .

5.Make functional use of the Internet while reading ,but ensure that the source on the Internet is credible .

6.Play Online Knowledge games like quiz up ,with your peers all around the world and test your brain with other brains world wide.

7.Be a master of critical thinking ,make your own perspective of issues !Do not be a copy and paste student and have a  comparative knowledge of issues in other part of the World .

8.Avoid hobnobbing with those who engage in examination malpractice and do not engage in same !If you continue association with such people ,you may carve in under peer pressure.

9.Arrive an examination venue on time and be properly dressed .

10.Examinations thrive on speed and accuracy ,but do not sacrifice accuracy for speed .

11.When reading questions do not read them out ,it even distracts you !

12.If you are to answer comprehension and summary questions ,read the questions first ,because it gives you a clue about  the answers .

13.Avoid communication of any kind in an examination hall !

14. If there are options, answer only questions you are familiar with .

15The First thing you do ,before you commence an examination is to indicate your personal details in your answer sheets ,so as not to forget !

16.Read what you are taught in class ,the same day you  are taught and it will sink in  more .

17.Revise with past questions ,questions are repeated ,but do not accept answers provided ,they may not be credible .

18.Take advantage of huge resources in the  Library ,but better still, take advantage of the endless resource in your hand -Your Smart Phone on the Internet !

19.Make good use of search engines like google and .

20.Join knowledge based groups on Facebook and other Platforms.

21.Give yourself a mock examination and prepare for the best and expect the worse. 

Good luck !

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