"Crocodile tears. The worst Governor in Nigeria. Employed magistrates who sat, took cases and delivered judgments for two years. Turned around and refused to pay them, on the flimsy, legally horrible and hollow excuse that he didn’t aitioruss their employment. 

Mr Ayade, governor of Cross River is inhuman, unscrupulous and insensitive to the plight of his people. There’s no sin or evil worse than the one Governor Ayade has perpetrated against these innocent magistrates who discharged their jobs diligently for over 24 months. 

Governor Ayade is a promoter and encourager of corruption; imagine magistrates working for 24 months without pay. Imagine the temptation on these magistrates!

And (with due respect) see the horrible position taken by the Hon AG of Cross River State! Saying that the magistrates were “fraudulently employed.” What a shame of a statement from one who ought to know better. How could he say that?

And now, (with due respect) instead of the Hon Ag CJ to insist on governor Ayade doing the right thing, he suspended the innocent magistrates from work. What manner of country is this? What manner of Governor is this? 

A country of wickedness, injustice, senseless intimidation, oppression, victimization and acute bad governance. And all of us are just sitting down and watching as so-called leaders (the worst that the world has witnessed) violate our being, our life and our humanity, to satisfy their selfishness and to massage overbloated ego. 

Imagine the Ag. CJ saying that everyone had begged the Governor and still the Governor refused. So, we’re waiting for the Governor, OverLord Ayade, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. The  almighty Governor of Cross River. The Sole Administrator and Leviathan whose whims and caprices are law in Cross River and who does whatever he likes when he likes and however he likes, irrespective of the position of law and the feeling and sensibilities of his subjects. 

I shall take this matter further. There may be times we can’t do anything. But at least we shall  never fail to call a spade by its true name; we shall never fail to protest injustice because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" (Mr. Udems)

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