BRIEF should be brief!!!

"I have said it repeatedly (but maybe not often enough) and it is well settled that a brief no matter how well written and how voluminous can never take the place of evidence. It is indeed counterproductive and a disservice to the litigant for his counsel to engage in writing this brief. 

The danger is that more often than not the fine points of the arguments are lost in this mace of unnecessary legal jargons and semantics. Counsel should remember that a brief is neither a thesis nor a lecture theatre. If the court were to be a lecture theatre then the judge and not the counsel is the adjudged lecturer! A good brief should be brief and to the point.

 It should point out the complaint, show from the record where and how it occurred and point out the law that deals with it. To be reeling out issues of law and citing authorities without marrying them to the facts of the case is not only a big irritation that the court can do without but a big waste of ample judicial time. " by per Mahmoud in Samuel v. State (2021) 2 NWLR (Pt. 1761) 451 @ 475

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