The rule of law is very important in the Administration of Criminal Justice system. Our Constitution is the very foundation of every law and it maintains it's superiority over every other legislation.

Government's continued abuse of the constitutional rights of individuals shouldn't be tolerated anymore especially in the post #Endsars era.

Arrest and Detention of Covid 19 VIOLATORS.

Recently the Government passed into Law an Act dealing with the Covid pandamic. However, many arrests have been made and people detained by the police for many days before they get their day in court.

Let's look at the implementation of the law on covid for a minute. The police violates the same protocols when they keep suspects in inhumane conditions. We have received accounts of how the taskforce in Lagos have kept suspects locked up for days without observing the protocols. How courts are working at half capacity therefore delaying justice for Covid 19 suspects.

It is unfortunate that our leaders are either blind or unconcerned about the dangers of these issues. The government is so focused on generating revenue only to deal corruptly with the same revenue.

This behaviour by our leaders is nothing short of sadistic. While other foreign governments plan for the welfare of their citizens so that they have no reason to break the law, our government takes away from it's citizens, steals from them and waits for them to arrest them and further extort them for breaching the law.

The unlawful activities of the police is currently being documented.  I use this medium to call on PDSS VOLUNTEERS to visit the detention centers especially at the Alausa Taskforce office in Ikeja where many of these violators are held for several days without access to the courts.

Of grave concern is the fact that covid 19 VIOLATORS (allegedly) are rounded up across Lagos and sent to one central location to be detained and prosecuted. Is this proper?

Our correctional facilities are already congested yet government is not mindful of this fact when it provided a prison term for convicted violators.

Who are we deceiving in this country? Justice is for sale to the highest bidder and those in government are a law unto themselves.

There shall be a reckoning and those who mismanage our country will receive their due.

I humbly call on the NBA, the Judiciary and Attorney General of Lagos State to look critically at these issues and to take positive steps to ensure that suspected violators of covid 19 protocols are treated with respect and dignity

Bayo Akinlade Esq

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