The CBN has no powers to Freeze Accounts of Nigerians Indiscriminately .

The Fact that a Person agitates for a Cause does not make the monies in his accounts  proceeds of fraud or terrorism financing .

Our Courts must stop granting frivolous Applications to Freeze the Accounts of Citizens.Some Judges in our Judiciary are acting like enemies of the people and co-oppressors of the People .Our Judiciary should rise above board and not be a part of the now perceived  triumvirate that is clapping down on the Nigerian people with so much ferecious fervour .

You can not be granting  all Applications brought to you by Government  against its Citizens and you do not grant all Ex Parte Applications brought to you by the Citizens against their Government.It means the Nigerian Judiciary is not fair to its Citizens. 

The Legal Profession must not sit by and watch .That is how we watched until they removed a Chief Justice of Nigeria by Ex Parte Order !

My name is Douglas Ogbankwa Esq., I am perturbed by the impunity in our Land .

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