Magistrates in Lagos State continue their duty under Sections 33 and 34 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act 2015. Moving across Lagos under heavy traffic, Lagos State Magistrates along with Lawyers from OPD, Legal Aid Council of Nigeria and the NBA continue to bring hope to many citizens who have had their rights violated due to the ongoing JUSUN Strike.

Today, Tuesday 18th May 2021 the Magistrates visited Police Stations in Ikorodu, Itire, Somolu, Ketu, Ejigbo, Isheri, Ajegunle and Zone 2 at Onikan.

Volunteer Lawyers accompanying our Magistrates report that suspects were granted bail while some were released immediately to their families.

We also received reports that most of the police cells visited today were clean and habitable.

However, reports from Zone 2 Onikan was very worrisome and discouraging. The Police at Zone did not allow the magistrate to interview suspects in their custody and refused any inspection of their cells. This development has put the police once again in a bad light. What are the police in Zone 2 hiding? Infact one can easily conclude that the police in zone 2 may be running an illegal detention ring and extorting money from suspects and their families. It is also questions the integrity of the police and worst of all shows that the police is clueless about the Law it seeks to enforce.

It is also disrespectful to refuse a magistrate from gaining access to suspects which begs the question as to what the police wants to do with the suspects in their custody.

This action by Zone 2 is enough to call for the removal or demotion of the AIG in charge of that Zone as being incompetent and unprofessional.

By and large the exercise by the Lagos State Judiciary is making impact and proves to the citizens that the Judiciary can still be effective even though the members of JUSUN are on strike for a just cause.

Can we all now see why the Judiciary deserves it's independence?

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