POEM: COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF by Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Commander In Chief,

How do you breath,

When you see them being killed,

By men that do not sleep,

But slip cattle down to the steep,

Of the plains of Sahel,

And the shrubs of the Savannah?

Commander In Chief,

Where are the thieves,

Of the towers and the grass cutters?

Where are the loots?

Or are they just in the books?

Commander in chief,

Why the many crashes, 

Claiming all our best?

Where are the surprises,

You promised?

Where are the jobs and the odds?

Commander in Chief,

What will you be remembered for?

For the written speeches,

Or the speeches not well written,

How do you sleep at night,

When you wake up to the mayhem,

Caused by your main men,

We await the next crash,

But it may be a surprise,

It will be no plane,

We await the interesting game.

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