The purported sad story behind the picture of the dead man at onigbongbo bus stop in Maryland Lagos goes thus:

"A danfo brushed his car, and the man left his car, removed his shoes and ran after the danfo, he tried to hold the bus but the bus conductor pushed him away and another danfo coming knocked him down and that was the end."

Relate this to the scenarios below:

Scenario 1: 

Two men were involved in a road rage in the ever busy Nyanya road in Abuja. One brushed the other unintentionally.

The fellow whose car was brushed pursued the other fellow, blocked him, came out of his car with his wheel spanner and commenced to break the head lamp of the other fellow.

The other man refused to come out of his car, allowed the man in utter rage to satisfy himself and drove off. It might probably cost him N100,000.00 plus or minus for him to fix his head lamp...but he is still alive.

Scenario 2: 

A staff of the National Assembly, in an attempt to avoid knocking down an Okada rider who was driving against the traffic, rammed his car into a stationary vehicle.

He came out of his car and engaged the cyclist in a hot argument. Unknown to him the cyclist was armed with a knife, with which he stabbed the motorist to death and rode away. The motorist is dead and his family is mourning.

Scenario 3: 

A man brushed a woman's car, and came out and apologised, but she refused to accept the apology and called her husband who is a military man, while on the road waiting 4 her husband's arrival, a big truck came from no where and bulldoze both the woman and the crowd that gathered to watch.  

Husband came and only met the wife's dead body, happened live along Yanya Mararaba road.


There is so much Anger, Mental trauma and Lawlessness in the country right now. 

As much as possible avoid arguments with strangers and when it happens, don't allow it to degenerate into scuffle or violence. 

As quickly as possible, leave the scene.

Note that the Nigerian legal system is still too weak to bring ALL criminals to justice. 

Moreover, no level of justice can bring you back to life.

You can apply this principle in other areas of your life, that's why it is captioned "Dealing with frustrated Nigerians."

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