EID EL-KABIR: AS WE CELEBRATE! | S. O. K. Shillings Esq.


My mind is with those whose lives were cut short in gruesome circumstances which are not natural. The endangered species of the insecurity situation in Nigeria. Those who are afflicted by the strife of our society. 

Suddenly, 'banditry' becomes part of the employment index. Sophisticated weapons are brandished and applied to devastating effects. The roads are no longer safe. We find ourselves in the Hobbesian state-of-nature where life is brutish and short. Life expectancy is tied more to luck. And they are products of the actions of men who put arms in the hands of others for the destruction of their kinsmen.

Weapons bought by some 'muslims' who are celebrating this day and giving thanks to Allah thinking He does not know arithmetic. Killings done by 'muslims' who justify their animality by the name of Allah. By those who are led astray. Who lend themselves to savagery and become weapons of iniquities. Who are attracted by the loot upon which the Hadith of Allah came to the Holy Prophet that work will be rewarded according to intention and those who went to war because of the loot shall be so rewarded. 

Those who enjoy the kidnap and concomitant ransom taking against the people of their land. Those who take arms and got paid more than they would earn of their usual labour; and those who gain foreign and local patronage and serve as courier of perfidy including those who want power in various forms will be rewarded for their roles.

Let it cross and stay in their minds that the day of judgment is not in heaven all times. There shall be a government of one who does not understand their concept. Perhaps one not of their tribe, yet, who will seek vengeance for his people who are of their tribe. Perhaps one of their own religion who does not understand the sunnahs their way. Allah is all-knowing and asks at all times if they did not see signs to make them believe. That is, if they have never heard of the international criminal court and judgments against those who commit genocides. If they do not see the ends of those who have clinged to power even in their midst.

Fellow Nigerians, let us cry for help from heaven. We are in the midst of enemies. In the era of iniquities. There is war against us in the interest of none but their Satan master. War with unreasonable reasons and untenable tenets. The storm will subside and we shall see their faces and their collaborators. Our land shall not be consumed. We shall find our course and the collective destiny of a great nation shall be fulfilled.

Happy Eid El-Kabir!

S. O. K. Shillings Esq.

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