A SURVEY PLAN IS NOT A TITLE TO LAND. | Olajide Akinola Abiodun, Esq. (Master of the Rolls)


By Olajide Akinola Abiodun, Esq.

A survey plan is not a title to land; it is only a document that is needed to give accurate measurement and description of the land. The survey plan is usually needed to draft a deed of assignment which is the document that transfers title to land. Same is exclusively prepared by a licensed surveyor.

If a legal practitioner, whether a notary public happen to be a surveyor, he or she cannot act as a surveyor at the same time as a legal practitioner. Such seal and or endorsement from a notary public and or a legal practitioner on a public document as a survey plan that could be applied for at the surveyor generals office after lodgment is needless, pointless and a bad practice.

It could fetch the legal practitioner a day at the LPDC and also be relieved of the position of a notary public.

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