A tradition within the Judiciary celebrating the begining of a new legal circle is celebrated yearly starting with prayers at a mosque and church.

Recognizing that we are spiritual beings, the judiciary knows the importance of God to guide its affairs, but what is the spiritual condition of the Judiciary and the legal profession in general today?

While there is no point stating the obvious problems such as corruption, delay in justice delivery, lack of infrastructure and other vices; the real challenge is our attitude towards all these vices and how we intend to overcome them.

We will celebrate a new legal year as tradition demands but we all know that there is really nothing to celebrate; as our justice system is crippled and continues to be under the oppressive dictates of powerful politicians and others who do not want to see Nigeria develop.

As for me; this year I will pray more and I will DO more to protect the image of the Judiciary and the legal profession. 

I hope that my colleagues at the Bar will be more conscious of the role they play in making our Judiciary the best it can be. 

I pray for more strength and grace for our Judges and Magistrates who have made the sacrifice to take up the mantle that only God has overall power to wield.

I pray that our court administrative staff, court registrars, bailiffs and others working within the judiciary will play their roles as support staff, shaun corruption and do their jobs with contentment.

Finally, to all lawyers; we owe this nation a great debt. We need to start paying up. Let us abide by our Rules of Professional conduct and we will see and experience the nation and judiciary we hope for.

Happy New Legal Year 2021/2022!

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