This is the third epistle to my colleagues and Young Nigerians within weeks.

When I look around our country Nigeria, what stares one in the face is a state of hopelessness, delusion and hunger amongst the Youths of this Country.

This ugly state has led to many of our gifted Youths abandoning their "jobs" and taking to all manner of vices they will ordinarily not wish to do.

It is no longer news that the Nigerian economy is today in a parlous state.

Nigerians Youths are on daily basis faced with so many sad experiences ranging from joblessness, hunger, intimidations etc from those in power and several other forces that only a change of mindset from the negatives to the positives starting with thinking right, developing oneself, self discipline, engaging in hard work and self development to change the narrative.

There seem to be an attitude by those in power at all levels to deliberately ensure that the greater number of Nigerians who are Youths are left in a state of joblessness so that they can always fall back on these army of jobless Youths for thuggery and hooliganism during elections.

Nigerian Youths must therefore continue to question these "bosses" of theirs of the whereabouts of their own children.

For me, I will continue to push the conversation for Nigerian Youths to wake up, develop themselves in diverse areas of endeavors such as the ICTs, crafts, trade, etc rather than wait joblessly until four years again to be used and dumped by their emperors.


Immediate Past NBA National Assistant Secretary and Past Secretary, NBA National Welfare Committee Secretary.

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