The Theme for this Year (2021) is “Digital Generation, Our Generation”Digitalized Generation as it sounds has revolutionized our world especially in today life of our girls which include the girl child; it has as well become a leopard ravaging the moral fabric of the existence of every girl in the society.

Digital Generation has become a weevil eating deep into the fabrics of decency of our girl child Negative influence on all the girls child of this Generation, the impact is so enormous that an average girl finds pleasure in her phone surfing, taking unnecessary selfie with her two fingers up doing nothing, snapping nude pictures, using phones to invite a boyfriend and doing dating games on online.

Digital Generation has made more of our girls to lose focus on their studies, spend so much time on phone surfing, WhatsApp, doing Facebook, Instagram, chatting with strange faces and questionable characters unknown to them, some goes as far as being invited by a friend, she has never seen physically on invitation, they end up being kidnapped, for rituals, simply for the love of money.

Digitalization has made the latest phone in town the desire of many of our girls competing with one another, and doing all kinds of immoral acts to buy the latest phone just to feel among/create a class for herself among her mate, your phone determine your status/become the status quo to measure how you are fearing among your peers, even the girls from the lowest of the low family. 

Digital Generation has eroded everything we can all sacred in a woman, decency has been thrown to the winds when a girl child can easily invite a male friend home without the knowledge of her parents to be sleeping with her under the same roof, this is absurd, and most times, you can’t beat them to it, digitalization has caused a decay in the moral upbringing of the girl so much that, if not nipped in the bud men can hardly get a decent girl to marry.

Nevertheless, digitalization has helped the girl child to be monitored by parents, ease communication gap, between her and the family, has also helped the girl child to speak out when in danger and through digitalization you can as well know whom and who are the friends of the girl child and help the serious ones to excel in their studies.



Below are some of the salient questions being asked by the girl child in most Secondary Schools that we visited. In about Fifteen (15) different Secondary School in and around Ikorodu, it goes to show that parents we are actually in trouble, digitalization have made us loose total control our girl child. Here are the questions.


- Why should our physics Teacher ask for sex before giving us mark?

- What is virginity?

- As a child, do you have the rights to leave your parent’s house?

- What will a person do when she is being molested or rape?

- What is the pride of a child?

- What is the difference between a teenager and a boy?

- How can we face our fears?

- How can we achieve our goal without been distracted from boys?

- If a child is misbehaving because of what he/she watch music/videos is it the fault of the parent?

- What can make someone not to be serious with her studies?

- How can I destroy pride of children?

- What if we have a serious sexual problem and we call you and you are not answering what should we do?

- If a girl is being fingered/she had sex using a condom at the process she didn’t bleed, is she still a virgin?

- It is true that a virgin at the age of 25 will have a disease?

- Can a commercial student become a lawyer?

- At what age is a woman supposed to start having children or relationships?

- If a girl starts puberty at the age of 9 or 10 is it bad?

- If a girl is HIV/AIDS positive what should she do?

- What if someone is doing it (menstruation) for 8 days, is it an infection?

- Ma, you said we should stop spreading our pants (under wears) outside but we heard that “YAHOO BOYS” are stealing pants nowadays?

- When did someone get disvirgined? Is it before or after menstruating?

- Why is it that when menstruating, the blood is black?

- A divorce marriage whereby husband and wife separate from each other? 

- Can they still come back together?

- What if you live in the person’s house as a slave and the person is harassing you what will you do about it?

- What if you are raped by a guy that you did not know and you later discover that you are pregnant what will you do?

- If someone masturbates, can the person get disvirgined?

-When a virgin has sex will she get pregnant?

- If a man at 21 years does not have sex or have never had sex, does it have any effect on him and vice versa?

- What about the teachers we tell all these things to that they now later use it to abuse you in the class. What do we do about that?

-When a girl is in university can the girl get a boyfriend?

- If it is true that not all relationships from secondary school end in a sexual way does it mean it is right to have a boyfriend in secondary school?

- Is it a must for a father to know when his daughter period will start and end or ask money for pad from her father?

- Is our cheek our private part?

-If such a child is helped by the government, will she remain her parents’ child or government’s child?

- My Mummy does not want me to learn work (vocational skill).

- How can you help a person that is being trafficked to foreign land probably Italy etc.?

- What if the mother and the father are not together, both parents do not care about the children. The children live with the grandmother and she could not afford to cater for them what can be done?

- If a girl takes alcohol, will it make her see her period?

- What if the mother and the father divorced and the mother remarries but the husband is having sex with the daughter, what should she do?

- What do we do to our father that normally beat our mother?

- What is “Scope”?

- As a girl, I have my own future ambition that I am pursuing but I have been discouraged by people because they said Law as a profession is complicated job because they take bribe or die fast and I am afraid. What solution do you have to this? I am sorry to ask this question because I know this is not what you are saying talking about, but I need solution to this.

- Someone who masturbates is she a virgin? I have a friend who told me that her sister always sends her to her boy friends.

- My mother maltreats me so badly. I don’t know what to do?

- If a student repeat S.S.S Class 1 twice and promotes to S.S.S Class 2 and he or she repeats again, is he or she supposed to withdraw from school or still work hard?

- I’m dating a boy and he said he is a virgin, I, the girl too is a virgin. The boy said we should meet together since we are virgins. What should we do?

- I was focused on being an Engineer from Primary School but my father has been advising me to be an Accountant. What should I do?

- Can a girl has a boy as her best friend or is having a boyfriend a bad thing?

- If a girl of 9 years has been raped is the girl still a virgin?

- If a Daddy leave his wife of 20 years and the mother is to take care of the children and there is no money, can you help them?

- What if you’re raped and you are told to use “alum” to wash your private part, are you still a virgin? 

- If your father is having sex with you, can you keep it as a secret because he is your father?

- What if one have a mother that doesn’t talk to us as female children but beat and curse though she takes care of us with anything she has what should we do?

- Why are girls important than boys?

- Is it possible for a lady to menstruate two times in a month?

- When you have a friend (boy) caressing your body and you don’t like it, what if he threatens you, what should you do?

- If a girl lost her parent and suddenly her aunt promise to sponsor her. The aunt forced her to make oath of secrecy between them. When the girl got to her aunt house, she is now using the girl for prostitution, what can she do and also don’t forget that she has sworn an oath of death if she tells anybody I have tuberculosis.

- I have a friend who had sex before but now she has repent, what can she do?

- What if your uncle abused you and he threatened to kill you if you tell anybody, what should you do at that point?

- My father has two wives and because of the wife he did not have time for us so I repeated SS2 because he doesn’t usually come home.

- Someone told me that if a 9 year old girl is raped she is still a virgin because she has not seen her menstruation, true or false?

- My pastor sometimes molests me but anytime he does this, he usually prays for me. My question is that is it good and what should I do?

- If somebody wants to study Language in the university is it compulsory for the person to have Mathematics in Post UTME result (Art Class)?

- How do girls abuse boys?

- How do I overcome the problem of not having courage to be successful academically?

- I am in SS2 going to SS3, I want two things but I am confused. I repeated SS2, I want to be a business lady so I joined commercial class but I also want to be an actress, should I join Art class or continue with my former class?

- One brother is disturbing me and I don’t know what to do please advise me?

- Please I don’t want it to be read out, it all started when a family friend started talking to me, I look at it as brotherly love but when it became too much I did not know how to say no though he didn’t sleep with me but till now whenever I remember it, I feel dirty I just don’t know how to forgive myself?

- You said, no matter the condition, one should not give up. What if you don’t have money to come to school every day and you live far away from the school what will you do?

- If two girls are kissing each other, can it lead to lesbianism?

- A girl had sex with a guy but she had not started her menstruation by then but when she later seeing her menstruation, she only saw it once a year. Is it normal?

- If a person repeats a class twice, what should the person do?

- For some parents if their child failed one class, they advise the child to drop out that schooling is not in his/her future plan. What can be done?

- If a guy you don’t have feelings for started touching you indecently, how can you voice out before it is too late?

- Is it all boyfriend and girlfriend relationships in secondary schools that can lead to sexual intercourse?

- Can an Accountant be a lawyer? Yes/No

- If I want to dump my boyfriend, how can I do it?

- If someone is in Art Class, can the person be a Nurse; can she make it if she goes to school of Nursing?

- We that are poor, please can you assist us e.g Bag, Books, Biro, Textbooks and we can’t afford it because our parents are poor so please help us. We will call you. 

- What if I don’t have any contact of yours?

- If you are masturbating, how can you put a stop to it?

- Ma, what is the meaning of “Pant rule”?

- Can eight years old who is raped later become a virgin?

- Just private I am so scared to approach an adult. I don’t want to implicate him. This feeling I want to be assured that I am worth more than thousands of gems.

- Is it right for a 10 years old girl to date?

- What of if the person you are staying with has a son that abuses you, as both of you should have sex together because you refused to answer the person’s son, they all hate you in the house.

- If someone has been abused before can the person ever be successful?

- How do you keep away from sexual harassment?

- When or which age do you think a child should have freedom from her parents?

- Why is it only African Women Lawyers Association in Nigeria?

- What is the full meaning of AU Charter and UN?

- Are private schools better, so why repeat?

- When someone go to school and started raping all the pupils in the school. When God caught the person, what is the punishment?

- But in a situation that a mother sends her daughter to collect money from a man because they are hungry. How can she refuse? She is hungry too and the mother is separated from the father.

- If you repeat a class and your friends are making jests of you, what should you do?

- What do we have students repeating classes in government secondary schools?

- Why is it that the fathers do not want to attend to their daughters? They said kitchen is their house.

- Please if teachers beat us can we call this number?

- Ma, what if I'm abused by a fellow classmate and report to a teacher who didn't hear about it. Who should I report to again?

- When your body is moving like to have sexual intercourse, what are you going to do?

- Is it good to have a boyfriend?

- Can a girl who has been pregnant and aborted the baby go back to school without affecting her?

- How can a person become a lawyer?

- If a girl becomes pregnant, can she go back to school?

- If a girl gives birth and returns to school, what happens to the child?

- A man has been disturbing me and my friend advised me to follow him. After shouting and screaming at them, they didn't answer. What should I do?

- There is a boy in my Street disturbing me because he proposed to me and I denied, he started abusing me everywhere I go. Please what am I to do?

- What if a girl has more than one or three boyfriends? What should she do?

- If a man has slept with a girl before, what can she do?

- If a girl has vaginal yeast infection and her Mum knows about it but doesn't act on it, what should she do?

- If a guy mistakenly hugs an adult, can diseases be transmitted?

- What if my dad is beating my mum?

- If a girl's father sleeps with her, how can she say no to the father?

- What if you've already made the mistake of having a boyfriend, what can you do about it?

- My uncle's wife sister I'm staying with love me so much like their own child but the husband always have sex with me every time. When he comes, I refuse him but he forces me and beat me up. What can I do?

- What if your biological father is trying to rape you?

- What do the NBA IKORODU BRANCH do to spoilt children of bad behavior?

- If one of my siblings celebrate birthday during Valentine's Day and I want to give him a gift, is it right or wrong?

- My mother said she's taking us to her friend's wedding, can we go?

- If a guy gives me a Valentine's gift of underwear and bra, what should I do to it?

- If a girl already has sexual intercourse with a guy, how can the person be successful in life?

Thank You.


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