Mkpuru Mmiri and Guzoro have become the fastest destroyer and killer of youths of the present generation.

These two substances  have shattered the future of most of our leaders of tomorrow. Sixty five percent of our youths today are under the clutches of these addictive substances which have unfortunately rendered  them useless. Apart from the consumption of well-known psychoactive substances like nicotine, heroin, cocaine, tramadol, codeine, laxative and others, Mkpuru Mmiri and Guzoro have become the beautiful bride for consumption among youths of this present generation. The recent discovery of these two substances may be seen as an innovation in the world of drug addiction. Due to non-affordability of the above drugs, our youths have discovered and resorted to these cheaper substances to satisfy their arbitrary overdependence. 

Sometimes one may begin to wonder what the content of these substances are that make the youths fall in love with them and why they decide to seek solace or strength in "getting high and forgetting their sorrows" with Guzoro and Mkpuru Mmiri. These youths believe that these substances take them to the third-world and the World of Oblivion when taken. Despite the physical, mental, emotional and social impairment that the consumption of these two substances cause, they are also like mass destruction weapon.

Besides rendering some of our youths as ragamuffins and street urchins, these substances have also caused devastations and harmful effects to their body systems. 

Guzoro and Mkpuru Mmiri are death trap for our youths. Whenever they are consumed, they create a sensory perception of something that does not exist leading to substantial changes in thoughts, emotions and consciousness. They work by inducing sleep, dulling and deadening the senses, decreases neuronal activities in the body and also promote physiological nervous activities in the body system. That is why you see anyone that takes these addictive substances behaves like someone suffering from mental disorder.

With Guzoro and Mkpuru Mmiri, definitely the future of our youths is in danger. We may end up  having ragamuffins, street urchins, and scallywags as leaders of tomorrow, by then there will be no tomorrow again for this present generation. God forbid! This is because the effects of drug abuse on the youth form the basis for its cumulative effects on the society.

The truth is that the failure to deploy a sustainable holistic approach in tackling drug abuse and addiction from the source keeps impacting our society negatively. It has indeed become very imperative for all hands to be on deck to address this ravaging scourge in our society today by providing a long lasting solution as a matter of national urgency and emergency. Government should develop and enforce National Prescription Policy. Dealers and distributors of these illicit drugs should be treated as criminals. The Government should establish drug addict facility for reorientation, treatment and rehabilitation of addicts in the society.

No society can survive without laying ascetic foundation for its leaders of tomorrow. Say no to Guzoro and Mkpuru Mmiri.

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