What I have come to deduce about this #Endsars drama is that most of us in this country cannot see beyond ourselves and this generation.

If a whole Fashola can come the next day to find a camcorder at the Lekki toll gate, I am certain that we can certainly find even Michael Jackson's gloves too.

To start with, I never had any faith in the panels of enquires set up across the nation only because it was set up by government. In Lagos, for the government to spin trust, it included in its panel just one very vocal and controversial member. This to me was a very odd thing and I recall sending a message to this person saying he should decline the invitation (I am happy he didn't listen to me). Now this one person seems to be in a battle, his integrity and sincerity is at stake as the integrity of the Panel's report is in doubt.

Between one man and the government who is likely to be telling the truth here? As I am not a judge, nor do I claim to know everything, I have concluded that what matters the most is that I am able to learn from these events that are unfolding.

A few things are clear to me.

1. The police are still harrassing citizens.

2. The police are back on the roads extorting motorist and others.

3. The police are illegally arresting and detaining citizens including torturing some.

4. Access to justice has been at its lowest since after #Endsars.

5. Corruption is at its highest within the government circles.

6. The Judiciary continues to suffer from poor funding and corruption within its ranks.

I could go on and on.

Now I ask myself, of what use is all these back and forth on the #Endsars panel report especially that coming from the Lagos panel, afterall there were other panels and we heard no serious controversies about them, so why so much noise about Lekki? 

Before those in government start to defend their position, perhaps they can proffer a white paper solution to the 6 points I raised and implement some serious reforms regarding policing.

Before government starts to use its resources to pull individuals with dissenting views down, perhaps it can do more to correct the ills of our society rather than just use mere words of rhetorics. 

I can never support injustice of any kind. Whether people died or not, the Lekki incident can never be justified and this is my personal opinion. So give us a break Mr. Governor and Mr. Government and do what we elected you to do and clean up the mess in our polity.

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