By lines in advertising promos of yore, in what ever guise, may sound catchy. 

Beyond their catchiness, they provide real life lessons worthy to be shared for posterity, thus:

1. KREST: Stand out from the crowd.

In what ever you do in life, always live a trail in the sand of times that will make you be talked about for a very long time.

There is nothing you are doing that has not be done before, what makes people pay attention to you is how you do it differently. Carve a nitch for yourself. You need not follow precedent, just set the pace. Be a trail blazer and pathfinder. Nothing is cast is stone. Adapt to changing environments and follow the trend, but learn to apply technology to simplify processes and make your task easy to do.

2. UNIVERSAL TRUST BANK: Trust is our middle  name. 

Trust is the spiritual currency of life. In fact, it is trust that will give you the real currency in a big way.

Guide and protect your reputation with your life, because the speed of trust confounds the foolish, but answers to the wise. 

3. 7 Up: The difference is clear. 

Always make a difference in every thing you do. When you are compared with others and you are rated equally, that means you are mediocre. 

Those who strive for excellence are not complacent to mediocrity. Go an extra mile in anything you do in life. When go an extra mile for people, it takes you to an extra mile for people, it gives you mileage with them in life. It counts based on the doctrine of reciprocity. 

4. DHL: We keep our promises.

A promise made is a debt owed. A promise is a spiritual debt as is any thing spiritual, how you handle it determines how far you go in life.

Some of the most successful business men in Nigeria are mot owners of the goods in their show room or the business capital they use to run their business.

They have a reputation for keeping their processes, there lies their success strategy. 

5. Zenith Bank; Competence, Service, Technology. 

These are the 3 major element that drives commerce and business. Technology is key as it facilitates your work and gives you an air invincibility. 

Competence attracts clients and customers, your service to them make them stay with you or come back.

No matter how competent you are, if your service is bad, you will loss every thing. Major elements of service are delivering on deadlines, politeness and feedbacks and flexibility when it comes to money and other benefits. The biggest capital is the social capital. The best things in life are free, for those who have paid their dues.

About the Author:

Douglas Ogbankwa, [email protected], is a Benin based lawyer and the founder of the Benin Writers' Society.

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