Trust me, there are alot that can be said about moderation. Literally much can be inferred from this subject matter. Permit me to even add that even too much can be emphasized on about it as it relates to it's importance in all we do and yet can't be exhausted. 

But then, We can't successfully explore moderation without bringing up its rival cases, Abuse and addiction. 

Somehow, A certain rich man happened to be in dire help. His car broke down in the middle of an express road, his phones were equally down. It was already getting dark and he obviously wouldn't be able to get his way out from the high way since it is even far away from home with no means of communicating with anyone who could come to his rescue at the time. His only hope was an old man whom He saw walking by. 

Good evening Sir, the rich man greeted the old man. He explained his current situation to him and quicky added how He would need the Phone of the old man so He can try contact his Driver. The old good man upon hearing his touching story hastily gave up his phone to the man so He could contact whoever He needed to call for his aid. 

The rich man was more than impressed about the Old man's kindness. He gave one of his complementary cards and his contact numbers to the man, promised him to always be of help to him anytime He calls, whatever the case. 

The old man was in turn happy for such an opportunity His benevolence had brought him.

Unplanned for, He fell sick few days later,rushed to the hospital. He became well again. 

The #100k hospital bill was cleared by the same man whom He helped with his phone and airtime sometime past. 

That the rich man said He could call him anytime He's in need sank even more in his head. Afterall, It was clear the man meant what He said.

The old man was in need again for some reasons, He called the man for some money. As promised, He gave him, happily. He kept on seeking the help of the man at the slightest opportunity to. Even to the point of bringing up what's not true to the rich man so He can offer him some money. 

The rich man had promised, He doesn't care if the stories were true or not, He gave whenever He demanded. 

Although, the story is my make up fiction,it is in an attempt to explain how we eventually abuse our privileges most times. That we don't apply the principle of moderation is what makes some of the things we do to be considered as wrong. It is true that eating is not a bad thing to do, but too much of it becomes wrong, going to the church is in no way a bad thing to do, but too much of it neglecting other things becomes a problem. Been part of this social space as in social media is in no way wrong, but it becomes even wronger going above the moderacy range and becoming addicted to it. 

The border line between Moderation and abuse is thinner than we all think it to be, this is the more reason one should be mindful as to the extent you do the things you love doing, hence you eventually abuse them.

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