Dear Colleagues, 

On behalf of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), I join the global community in

commemorating the International Women's Day (IWD), 2022. The IWD is a day set 

aside by the United Nations to draw global attention to the plight of women and girls 

and to strive towards the attainment of an egalitarian society where circumstances 

of birth such as gender, will play no role in the socio-political relations of society. 

The theme of this year's IWD: Break The Bias, is very apt as it speaks to the need to 

dismantle the limiting barriers of patriarchy and other biases that have kept girls and 

women at the back seat of our national life. The recent events at the National 

Assembly, where syndicated Bills targeted at a more inclusive representation of 

women in politics and governance was opposed by a male dominated parliament, 

speaks volumes of the structural ramifications of this social menace.

With women and girls comprising almost half of our national population, ideas and 

policies that tend to limit their inclusion in our national life tantamounts to shooting 

ourselves in the foot, as a nation is only as good as the wealth of human resources it 

can leverage from its population irrespective of gender. Indeed, it is not for nothing 

that the framers of our Constitution have guarded against discrimination on grounds 

of gender, amongst other considerations, in Section 42(2) thereof. I daresay that this 

Section provides the moral and legal justifications for a gender balanced and 

inclusive society. 

Whilst I have spoken to the plight of women and girls in the context of Nigeria, it is a 

fact of our existence that the situation we are confronted with is akin to a global 

pandemic. All over the world, women are at the receiving end of policies, oftentimes 

conveniently anchored on culture and religion, which leave them short-changed. 

Also, in various theatres of conflict, women have continued to bear the heavier brunt 

of crises that are literally man-made. The recent events in Afghanistan and Ukraine 

are an eloquent albeit harrowing testament to this fact. 

Even as I acknowledge that we have in recent times recorded some measure of 

success in our efforts at fixing this anomaly, it is also true that there is still a lot of work 

to be done. In this regard, let me commend all women in civil society, the professions, 

academia and other segments of society who continue to sustain the tempo of this 

noble cause. 

On our part, the NBA will continue to play its role through focused legislative 

advocacy and, where necessary, public interest litigation with a view to achieving an 

egalitarian society that accommodates all and sundry, particularly women and girls.

Finally, I congratulate all women and girls on this momentous occasion even as we 

continue in our struggle to dismantle the walls and prejudices of patriarchy and other 

biases that limit and short-change them. 

Happy International Women's Day!



8th March, 2022

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