I have just had the worse experience with the Nigerian Police who are BRT enforcers.

My colleague and I were going to the mainland from the island. Because of the road closure at apongbon, we had to go through Ijora Olopa to link Eko bridge through Otto. 

There was so much traffic and since we were coming into the main bridge from the Ijora causeway, we had to give way for the cars coming on our left before we could enter the main bridge. 

Just as we entered the main bridge a trailer was to our left so we slowed to move into the main lane only to be stopped by the police with BRT Monitoring Vests.

So what did we do?

Apparently, according to them, we had driven on a BRT lane... How can a BRT lane be on the right side of the road coming from an off-ramp and how can our government consider that with the repairs going on in Apongbon bridge, it would still be considering that particular spot a spot of interest?

It is even further worrisome that it is on the same BRT lane that cars are parked and stopped to be arrested.

The police then insisted on driving our car to Ketu to be booked. My colleague refused and asked the police to instead enter the car and would drive to their offices. But when my colleague was told to start going to Ketu, I objected and said, why don't you write us a ticket because it's already 5 p.m and we won't get to Ketu until 8 p.m because of traffic.

The police then forcefully seized the key and started removing all the number plates.

The police eventually returned the key but then drove off with the number plates.

Now I ask:

1. Why did they release others they caught while we were there?

2. Why didn't they have a traffic violation ticket but required people to go from costain to Ketu?

3. Why did they drive off and leave the place after we had made a video of their operations in that location? 

I ask my government why we have to suffer on our roads in the name of BRT... The traffic was moving, and the BRT corridor on that bridge is not well-positioned.

Is Ketu the nearest booking office? 

Which law requires the police to forcefully enter people's cars or remove their licence plates?

I love my state but in a state where roads are scarce and constructions are everywhere, should we apply the law so mechanically?

Our vehicle did not cause any obstructions, we did not cause any accidents and we did not drive recklessly.

What was the reason we were stopped? Because we entered into the main bridge and refused to run into a trailer?

Bayo Akinlade Esq.

Former Chairman, 

NBA Ikorodu Branch.

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