Good day distinguished learned Silk, seniors, and colleagues.


Young lawyers forum has had one of the most crucial emergency meetings of her chairmen and secretaries across Nigeria, at least 70 out of the supposed 125 fora were present and represented by either the chairmen or secretaries.

Once again, thank you, Mr. @2348166334327, my chairman and NBA Ikorodu branch eyes on the storm, for the hands of leadership you graciously extended to me at the early morning of your journey to better the lot of Ikorodu branch, indeed, without this singular grace we may not have had the opportunity to provoke this emergency meeting.



After the due presentation of each chairman of the various branches of YLF, the floor was opened for suggestions on how to minimize the challenges YLF executives have to go through before any of her programmes can be executed especially where the financial disabilities of the mother branch, of the said YLF, is critical and or lack of will power by the mother branches executive to support YLF.

After gathering ideas and suggestions, it was agreed that the challenge is solvable by creating a healthy synergy (Ikorodu muted the need for this kind of synergy which give birth to one of our stillbirth programmes, supposed to be all Lagos YLF programmes, planned in specific with Ikeja and Lagos YLF), Ikorodu YLF delegates for that botched programme were Favour, Taiwo, Afunso, Ledaga and so on.

We canvassed the same idea while stating firsthand some limiting factors witnessed and other issues which worked against us particularly finance and programme terms of reference and preference.


a. After due consideration we resolved that zonal heads should be appointed to ease the hitches YLF has to go through to get branches to support her programme.

b. Once YLF budget for any programme is approved the chairman of the branch shall release funds for the programme immediately and where the programme is declined, the branch executive should redesign the programme to be fit for the branch's financial capabilities. 

c. Where the branch is technically dodging her responsibility, a complaint should be sent by the YLF Chairman of the branch to his zonal head for onward submission to the bar president.

d. It was also agreed that no chairman of YLF can be removed by the branch chairman after appointment without the approval of YLF national.

e. These resolutions are to stop YLF members and executives from rolling about seeking funds as beggars from their senior members (voluntarily cash support is permissible) or evening from none members of their branch and thereby projecting the branch as not responsive to what is expected of a viable branch of NBA.

f. It was technically agreed that any branch of the NBA not financially stable to take care of her young lawyers should not appoint members into YLF executive.

g. YLF ELECTION: It was also agreed that the issue of electing members of the YLF executive by her financial members should be represented at the forthcoming AGC, NBA/YLF AGM, and all young lawyers before the AGC especially ones coordinating campaigns for the bar presidential candidates, should intimate this need to their candidates.

i. YLF, on the alternative to the option of being taken care of by the branch, to be financially independent, a superior argument to whittle down the fear of the wrong application of energies of young lawyers in the YLF was developed using young legal practitioners, (which I am a member) as our focal point.

We unanimously agreed that the names on the attached list here should be the zonal heads of YLF and YLF will start having zonal submit.

Thank you all.

Nwabaa Clinton O. Esq.
Outgoing YLF, Chairman Ikorodu.
June 23, 2020, to date.

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