Lagos, Nigeria. 
27th, July 2022.

Dear Colleagues,


The Technical Committee on Conference Planning (TCCP) has noted with concern the ongoing conversations, especially on various social media platforms regarding the difference in the prize winnings for the male and female NBA inter-branch football competitions slated to hold between Thursday, 18th August and Tuesday, 23rd August 2022.

On Wednesday, 20th July 2022, we issued a notice with the subject “NBA 2022 Annual General Conference Sports Competitions”, where we announced N500,000 as the winning prize for the inter-branch male football competition and N200,000 for the female football competition. The difference in the prize for the victorious teams has apparently generated debate amongst our colleagues which has necessitated the following clarification:

1. It is pertinent to state at the outset that the team within the TCCP responsible for sporting events views the male football competition as a totally distinct competition from the female football competition with completely different considerations; 

2. The female football competition is being introduced for the very first time in the AGC to promote inclusiveness and expand the scope of activities at the AGC;

3. In providing sports activities as part of the AGC, the TCCP exercises prudence in the management of funds as such sports, if not fully funded by itself or sponsored by third parties, have to be subsidised by the NBA;

4. The male football competition has been a regular feature of the NBA over the years and so it is much easier to project income derivable from the competition. For instance, last year, a total of 16 male football teams registered for the male football competition with N1,600,000 received as registration fees;

5. Considering the novelty of the female football competition it was difficult to project the amount that could be generated from the female football competition;

6. In order to arrive at an informed view of the prize for the winner of the female football competition, we had to carry out an inquiry to determine the number of existing female football teams in the branches of the NBA and our research suggested that there were only two established NBA female football teams in the country, and this informed the decision regarding the amount stated as the prize for the competition; and

7. The only alternative to raising the prize winnings for the female football competition is to raise the registration fees payable by Branches. That is not an option that we consider feasible at this time.

The above considerations led to the decision to fix the above reference prize winnings for the different competitions. We also deem it necessary to add that the decision to introduce female football as part of the sports events at the AGC is an important development that the TCCP is committed to have entrenched at future AGCs. 

Rest assured that we are actively seeking sponsorship for the female football competition and will dedicate every amount received as sponsorship to the female football competition and registration fee, to the prize money.

We hope that the above explanation provides context and clarification regarding the subject. We would please ask that the level of interest that has been shown regarding female football is sustained through the Conference and that we make it a competition that we can all look forward to every year.

Kind regards,
Tobenna Erojikwe
Chairman, 2022 TCCP.

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