The Annual General Conference of the NBA (the Conference) is the leading event of the NBA and a main feature of the annual calendar of the Nigerian legal profession. It presents legal practitioners in Nigeria with a unique opportunity to interrogate issues affecting the profession and society and to continue to seek innovative ways of advancing justice delivery and providing value-adding legal solutions to their clients and the environment within which members of the association operate.

We live in a time where major transformation; technology and access to data, amongst other disruptive transitions, have continued to influence many aspects of our lives and are driving significant change in businesses including law practice. Thus, the theme for this year’s Conference is “Bold Transitions”. Discussions at the Conference will focus on the need for the legal profession to engage boldly with global evolutionary trends and will comprise over 30 technical sessions where experts will lead conversations primarily aimed at envisioning the future of the legal profession within the context of a rapidly transiting world and business environment, triggered in part by revolutionary exploits and expressions of technology and the historic coronavirus pandemic. The Conference will address the impact of the rapid changes on fundamental socio-political and economic issues including but not limited to the rule of law, access to justice, independence and self-sustainability of the judicial arm of government.

The Conference is anticipated to congregate not less than 13,000 delegates and will as usual bring together thought leaders in the areas of justice delivery, technology, the economy, politics, judicial reforms, human rights and the rule of law. Indeed, the Conference is the largest gathering of business, political and thought leaders on the African continent.

The Conference is designed to address key trends impacting legal services and conferees will be presented with the opportunity to make “Bold Transitions” in reshaping their law practice in line with global evolutionary trends.

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