I am tempted to make this submission without fear or intimidation from any quarter.

Law practice without integrity is a sham and has no relevance in the preaching of due process as being paraded by the entire legal practitioners albeit the umbrella body NBA.

In a country where a so-called superior senior lawyer could not recuse himself from his position after prior complaints and resignations on the basis of interference by the BOB in the LPDC proceedings by some key members of the such panel, especially in relation to a colleague's possible trial for infractions under the professional ethics, leaves a shameful indelible mark on the almighty legal practice in Nigeria.

I will come to that another day.

Coming to this post, I have been convinced by Adams that the NBA will triumph in this case, and the outcome is a validation of my thoughts, but in a sane country where people are held accountable, it behooves the NBA and all well-meaning legal practitioners to demand a severe punishment to Mr. Malami for taking a whole body of lawyers, judges et al, for a mockery ride, ridiculously without any remorse.

It was the same Mr. Malami that denied knowledge of the amendment on national TV (channels), yet he never took steps to sort things out afterward, rather he defended his illegal and arbitrary act in court until this outcome.

It is even surprising that when this issue was burning like a wildfire, it was reported that the people who ought to know more than the common lawyers, conferred on him the rank of a bencher.

In an actual sense, the cries of the ordinary lawyers are inconsequential whereas the superior senior lawyers intend to serve their personal purpose and massage their egos.

The author of this piece is a nobody in the legal profession, but law practice OUGHT TO BE for the right law/act/procedure rather than MAN KNOW MAN.

Mr. Malami deserves to be sanctioned for this and all infractions he has indulged in the past 7 years as AGF.

This particular act in view stands as the SPRINGBOARD of all, as it relates directly to our law practice.

He doesn't deserve to be a senior advocate of Nigeria, to put it mildly.

If I am wrong, may this piece never gather the necessary momentum to effect the right results, but if I am right, we hope to see evidential action and consequences in this regard.

I encourage Mr. Olumide Akpata and the incoming president of the NBA to push this in good conscience.


Yours in fellowship,
Ebuka Esq.

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