Distinguished Colleagues,

1. Further to our earlier communication requesting Memoranda from members of the Bar on the Electoral reform process of the Nigerian Bar Association, the Electoral Reform Committee has received several responses to the Call for Memoranda.

2. However, upon appeals for an extension of time by some stakeholders and members of the Bar to enable them to submit their Memoranda, the Committee hereby EXTENDS TIME for the submission of Memoranda for another fourteen (14) days, commencing from the date of this publication. This is to ensure the inclusive participation of all our members in the electoral reform process.

3. It would be recalled, that the NBA Electoral Reform Committee (NBA-ERC) has been given the following Terms of Reference (TOR):
i. To interrogate the electoral practices in the Association;
ii. To make recommendations for reforms;
iii. Make proposals for a possible review of the Constitution in this regard;
iv. Take any other step as may be necessary to achieve the objectives of the Committee.

4. Further to the above, the Committee hereby CALLS FOR MEMORANDA from:
- Branches of the Nigerian Bar Association, through their Chairmen;
- Stakeholders and Interest groups in the Legal Profession;
- Members of the Nigerian Bar Association.
5. Memoranda submitted should be confined to any or all of the following:
a. Identify forms and avenues for incurring excessive expenditure by Aspirants/Candidates in NBA elections;
b. Identify unethical and unprofessional electoral practices by Aspirants/Candidates and members of the Bar during electioneering campaigns;
c. Make suggestions/recommendations on ways and means of eradicating excessive expenditure, inducements, and/or other unwholesome practices during NBA electioneering campaigns;
d. Make any further representations relevant to the terms of reference (TOR) of this Committee. Memoranda should be concise and straight to the point, in 14-point font size format with double spacing and a maximum of five (5) pages.

6. All Memoranda should be addressed to the Secretary of this committee and submitted in soft copy to the e-mail: [email protected] within 14 days from the date of this publication being Friday, 28th October 2022.
Best regards,
Charles Olawale Ajiboye (KSM) FICMC, FCAI, ACIS
National Assistant Publicity Secretary

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