I was in nursery school when Obasanjo was the military president.

I was in my final year in the university when Obasanjo became the civilian president.

I was in primary school when Buhari was the military president.

My 2 sons were in secondary school when Buhari became a civilian president.

My 2 sons are now in the university and Buhari is still president.

Tinubu was governor when I finished university, went to law school, got my first job as a lawyer, and gave birth to my 2 boys.

Tinubu was governor when my 2 sons were in primary school.

Now Tinubu is president when my 2 sons are in the university.

I find myself asking hard questions like "How relevant have I been to my 2 sons and what impact have I made in making Nigeria a better place for my sons and their children coming after them?" 

Why does my generation keep arguing and fighting over leadership, acting like spectators and football fans but making no attempt to enter the field?

Obasanjo, Buhari, and Tinubu were all younger than me when they led but they are still leading because I am still sleeping like a baby and still wearing diapers when I ought to be active and participating.



On behalf of all the political spectators

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