One of the major ways you can embrace equity is by first understanding the concept of equity. Equity acknowledges that everyone does not have the same starting point by virtue of differences. In our economic, educational and relational starting point, there are some who have an advantage over others. And so, equity acknowledges this and says, 'instead, let's treat people based on their individual needs with a view of creating equal outcomes'. As we embrace equity, we embrace management. We also protect the rights of women in politics. As it stands, women need more encouragement to push further in politics and we all need to be inclusive to push and protect the women's future in politics. 

More than ever, we need to embrace equity for a sustainable and inclusive development and in doing this, we need laws and policies promoting gender equality and women's right to be strengthened and enforced. We would like to encourage women around the world, particularly women in the legal space, to take this opportunity to embrace equity in terms of raising women, teaching the girl child, helping women in legal space in learning, in applicating, in standing up for one another.

Women are trailblazers in technology and innovation. Without the opportunity for their participation for gender balance, change would be at a glacier rate. Balance is equity, embrace equity.

Equity is not just the concept, it's not something you are striving for. It is a necessity. It is a reminder to all women that their voices and actions matter. And by standing up for themselves and each other, they can create a meaningful change. When you empower a woman, you empower the community and the society benefits.

Embrace equity!

Happy International Women's Day from us all at the Matters of the Nigerian Bar Association blog.

Kindly click the link below to watch a short video presentation as we celebrate all women on a special day as this.

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