Why Dangotes and Otedolas Employ More Indians than Nigerians as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), in Nigeria⁉️

Document written by the former CEO of BRS, now ORABANK

I used to criticize African companies like the Dangote Group who hire so many Indians while there are many unemployed Africans, but now I understand their painful decision.

The biggest challenge in our manufacturing businesses isn't power or infrastructure, the biggest challenge is getting honest staff.

Everyone we hire seems to be on a mission to steal as many as possible from inflated invoices, registering less than the actual number of units produced.

The worst part of it all is that not all of the frauds we uncover are committed by one person, it's usually many staff members who get along with each other, from production to sales, through finance, even management.

I reviewed the management 3 times in one year.

The situation got so bad at some point that my main criteria for hiring staff was no longer competence or certificates, but honesty.

At least skills and abilities can be learned, but once you're dishonest, you're beyond recovery.

We always complain about the economy and the fact that there are no jobs. I know people overseas who would love to start job-creating businesses in Africa, but they can't because they can't get someone they trust to run it.

I know people in Africa with so much money, they want to start factories and other job-creating businesses, but they can't because they're busy elsewhere and can't get the business run by a trustworthy person. So instead of investing in the real sector and creating jobs, they will just buy treasury bonds, while thieves shout no jobs and no food.

I bet big African organizations like Dangote can set up shop in every African country and create millions of jobs, but I bet corruption and dishonesty at the top levels of government is what stops them from helping the Africa.

Many great companies would have been born in Africa if we could engage in partnerships, but we can't because you can't trust anyone.

It is an advantage that the Indians and the Lebanese have over us in Africa. They can gather resources and do mega deals, unlike the Africans. That one person has to do everything since we can't establish a partnership, we end up with small and very small businesses.

Even siblings CANNOT run a business together. The dying or dead super stores in East Africa that would have become Walmarts...are a great example.

Start a poultry farm and they will steal your eggs. Some will even go ahead to kill the chickens so that they are allowed to bring them home.

Start an entertainment/viewing/gaming hub and they'll pocket your money. On the days you are in the business, the money made will be 10 times that made when you are not there. Because they are eating your money and eating their future.

Buy and rent a vehicle from a driver to use and watch as he finishes you off.

Start a restaurant, the same thing will happen. More than half of the total food ingredients will end up in their personal kitchens.

Even ordinary grocery store or kiosk attendants will find a way to rob small investors.

You'll see them quote their wickedness saying, "The goat grazes where it's tied", Hmmmm"

Picture yourself, justifying theft at work, killing their own jobs and Africa's development.

You'll see these people pointing crooked fingers at politicians when they're no different.

I usually say that the reason most Africans haven't stolen billions of government money is simply lack of opportunity.

The few honest Africans, both in government and in the private sector, are considered stupid.

You are not stupid. You are what Africa desperately and sorely needs.

How are we going to evolve when those who are supposed to oversee and manage shops, kiosks, supermarkets, factories, schools, hospitals, water works, road construction, street cleaning, power stations , bus fleets, parking lot collections, building constructions, etc., are the ones plotting to rob small local investors, big local investors, governments and foreign investors⁉️

How are we going to evolve when our principals are the ones who are plotting to steal school supplies, school fees and school food e.t.c?

How are we going to evolve when our hospital officials are the ones who conspire to steal medicine, beds, sheets, blankets, food, consultation fees, etc⁉️

How⁉️ How⁉️ Weep our beloved continent.

How are we going to evolve when the officials charged with ensuring and enforcing standards and lowering cost estimates are the ones who conspire with local and foreign contractors to inflate costs and lower work standards to steal public money for personal purposes?

At all levels, Africans are Africa's problem‼️

In my view, the simple reason, which can be replicated continent-wide, why Rwanda is a rising star in Africa is that Rwandans and development partners and foreign investors know that the senior management of the country cannot accept both public and private service dishonesty.

Partners imagine 54 Paul Kagame at the head of African countries!

Even the so-called western world and the eastern world wouldn't want that because we would be FIRST in 10 years.

We Africans need to wake up and rethink Africa.

Africans at every job, from the sweeper to the craftsman, to the salesman, the storekeeper, the driver, the tea or coffee or the flower picker, the purchasing manager, the head of the government, the nurse, doctor, cook, painter, builder, senator and minister must be honest for the sake of mother Africa.

By being dishonest, we are violating Mother Africa. The foreign elements know our dishonesty and so they come to Africa to steal our vast natural resources with abandon and give a few bread crumbs to those Africans charged with running our countries to the detriment of our development and self-sufficiency.

Who will save us from us

Africa can rise again. Let Africa rise. Rise up and be counted as a people‼️

It's time to change...is NOW!

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