Dear 'Mr. Governor' Sir.

I have resorted to the open space because it appears that Mr. Governor is not interested in a meeting with the indigenes of Lagos (especially the people of Ikorodu) assessed in the fact that there has been no response to the letters written to the Governor by the Conference of Leaders of Ikorodu Division and Ikorodu People's Forum in 2021; and a recent one by the latter organisation seeking meeting, all of which I am privy to.

Mr. Governor, your governance of this state leaves much to be desired. In fact, from the above fact, you act more like a colonialist and on the principle of a ti t'oje b'olosha l'owo ...

In early February this year, Mr. Governor visibly lost weight. Your governance for 4 years was not enough to speak for you. Party had to resort to ethnic appeal and jingoism. All achievements listed were mere maintenance that would happen if there was no Governor. It ought to be clear to Mr. Governor that it was the indigenes of Lagos State that chose you as a lesser evil in the circumstances of the February 2023 election.

But no sooner the election was over than the dancing and swagger continued as if we are competing with Osun. You have shown that you are the Governor of a 'metropolitan' Lagos. In a 20-member committee for transition from-you-to-you, Ikorodu that gave you the highest positive votes and whose paramount ruler led you to collect election forms is not there. How many indigenes are there? Any Aworiman? Just February to May!

Counting from Ikorodu, we have not seen much development in the State from your government. Your predecessor demolished houses for roads in Igbogbo and Agric - Ishawo Road. 5 years after, the roads have not been constructed. There are so  many major roads begging for attention not to mention long streets. The people of Mowonla, Agura, Gberigbe are still groaning and appealing to government as if they are begging a philanthropist. Maya - Adamo axis remains villages not expecting government intervention in the next 4 years. Okegbegun - LASPOTECH is a perennial problem while Bayeku/Oreta/Offin will only get succour from the Local Government. Only God knows when we will finish with roads. Perhaps Mr. Governor needs to be acquainted with the geography of the State at large.

I do not know Mr. Governor's area of core interest as none reflects in the governance of Lagos State. Mr. Governor celebrates youth achievers without creating any environment for producing such. No entertainment competition. No team in the National League. No additional vocational schools. No youth centre.  No intercollegiate sporting, cultural or educational competition of note ... Our youths are Omo oniles, okada riders, area boys, thugs and hoodlums, cultists and those that are educated struggle for employment in their state seeing other Yorubas in their positions. 

The schools are in state of neglect. C & S Primary School, Majidun is on the main road and you can see the roof flying since over 6 months. There are classes with over a hundred students in the State-of- Excellence. Mr. Governor has turned all our tertiary institutions into universities, so those who are not qualified should go to Kwara Polytechnic. 

In overall development, our representatives in the National Assembly are more popular having done better than the Lagos State Government.   Senator Tinubu (as he then was) developed central Lagos. Mr. Fashola SAN developed Surulere and mainland. Mr. Ambode impacted Epe in 4 years. Where is Mr. Sanwoolu's reference?

We are waiting to see Mr. Governor's appointment list. But I have told my people that they will be disappointed because the cabinet will still be populated by those who have no electoral values and only speak modern English like Mr. Governor. It is imperative to mention that ruling another man's state is a privilege which should not be abused. The indigenes should dominate that cabinet especially now that the core governance is still in the hands of non-indigenes.

If the intention is to continue in the template of holding the people of Lagos State for other Yoruba friends to drink from its fountain, then Mr. Governor is not different from a Lord Luggard. But we cannot forget that colonialists have only a short line of history. For about 2 decades of governing Nigeria, history only records for Luggard that he amalgamated the Northern and Southern Protectorates. 8 years can equally be summarized in a shorter sentence. It is a choice. 

Note however, that some of us are not onlookers. We have the rights under laws, morality and God to respond according to circumstances.

We need changes and involvement. Romance with a few obas is not it. If it is taken for granted, our reactions may be unpredictable.

Mr. Governor, Sir!

S. O. K. Shillings Esq.

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