IS NBA'S TECHNOLOGICAL INFRASTRUCTURE COMPROMISED?: _Allegations of Election Fraud and Nepotism Against Mr. Y. C Maikyau Surfaces_


Was there a cyber attack on the NBA IT Infrastructure / Bar Practicing Payment Platform on the 31st of March 2023? Who hacked it and how?


For over 10 years now, I have monitored the Judiciary and fought the Corruption within it's halls. I discovered along the way that lawyers and the NBA had a critical role to play in fighting these corrupt practices within the the judiciary but unfortunately, we lawyers have fueled the flames of corruption more than any judiciary staff or officer ever could.

Is there corruption within the NBA?...... Ohhhhh I dare say that there is and it's overwhelmingly obvious.

Permit me to ask some pertinent questions regarding some information that has come to my attention but before I do, let I say now that if there are no rebuttals to this piece nor any investigation into the truth or otherwise of the allegations stated herein then we are either cowards or hopelessly doomed as an association of lawyers.

From what I hear and from some documents I have read, I ask the following:

 *Did the President of NBA engage his own nephew to run our NBA online infrastructure and fire the one employed by Olumide Akpata's administration?* 

 Is it true that the NBA President has paid his own nephew 50% of the contract fee to run our IT Platform while still owing the former IT contractors?

Is it now the norm by all NBA Presidents to change key service provides especially our tech support companies? 

Why can't we get an audit of our online voting process immediately after elections?_.... Is it perhaps because the current NBA President might have been a product of an election fraud and massive rigging? 

Why are we always experiencing glitches when we vote or try to pay our practice fees?

If the NBA President now uses his own Nephew to run our IT Platform what does this mean for the 2024 NBA elections and the proper accounting of our BPF?

 If we as lawyers can call government and others to order when they do wrong, who calls us as a body when we abuse or misuse the ASSOCIATION we are all forced to belong to?

I don't even see what this administration has achieved so far, I do not feel the presence or impact of most national officers, it's as though the NBA is now somebody's personal establishment to achieve personal agendas

What in the world has become of this once great body called the Nigerian Bar Association that governments feared, that the international bodies respected and the Judiciary was proud to call its own?

Money has been used to make some of us intellectually impotent. The promise of appointments to the Bench and other Statutory bodies including getting silk has turned once brave  men and women of the Bar into hapless onlookers only good for throwing tantrums when it suits them.

I ask the HARD QUESTION.... Is NBA the plaything for Politically drunk legal practitioners? Has the unethical and integrity starved mainstream politics become our MO in NBA? We buy votes, lie to our members, steal from our members, manipulate them and disregard them as we please for personal ambitions.

The term of anyone in NBA office is just 2 years, should we always press the reset button every 2 years?

Who is this person that now runs our IT platform because the elections are just 12 months away..... We don't want stories

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