Vishing scams are unsolicited phone calls from fraudsters claiming to be staff of your bank, and trying to get you to part with your sensitive account details. These scams are on the rise, so please beware of unsolicited phone calls.

Here's how vishing works:

- A customer receives a phone call from a local number, claiming to be calling from FCMB.
- Fraudster confirms your account name, date of birth, and BVN, and then claims that your BVN has some issues that need to be fixed immediately for you to continue to operate your account.
- The fraudster then requests the customer’s debit card details including PAN (16-digit number in front of the card), CVV (3-digit security code at the back of the card), expiry Date, and debit card PIN.
- The unsuspecting customer shares these details after which the fraudster initiates online transactions with the customer's card.
The fraudster then calls again to retrieve the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to the customer's registered telephone line to authorize the transaction while pretending to need the OTP to finalize the resolution of the bogus issue.
- A few minutes later, the customer is shocked to see debit alerts, and his/her account emptied.

Stay alert! If someone calls asking for sensitive banking information, hang up. Never disclose your sensitive banking details to anyone, especially strangers. If you suspect that your account information has been compromised, dial *329*911# to block your account or send an email to [email protected]. You can also call our Contact Centre on 07003290000.

Thank you for choosing FCMB.

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