RE: JUSTICE SECTOR REFORM SUMMIT 2024. | Sylvester Udemezue (Udems)

As the Justice Sector Reform Summit is ongoing, it is now obvious to anyone and everyone that our redemption lies with SYSTEM CHANGE.

This is not even debatable, although some have debated it with me for over 2 years arguing that we do not need system change but attitude change. Unfortunately, they have not been able to enlighten anyone on how attitude change can happen without system change.

Well, it is becoming clearer by the passage of each day: an impregnable system change will surely lead to attitude change, for success. In the justice sector, for example, a system change is indispensable if we want to make progress. 

However, the critical questions to be asked are:
1. What type, form, and nature of system change is the best suited for our situation? And
2. How do we make any incoming system IMPREGNABLE in order to be EFFECTIVE? 

As I have been saying, it is not enough to put just any new system in place. The effectiveness of the incoming system must be taken into account because a new system is USELESS, POINTLESS, AND HOPELESS unless the new system is effective in solving the problems it is installed to solve. 

So, dear justice sector reform summit 2024 participants, you should focus not just on achieving a system change. Uppermost in your minds must be also, how to make the system change IMPREGNABLE in order to be EFFECTIVE. 


Sylvester Udemezue (Udems)
Reality Ministry of Justice (RMJ). 

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