A Sample of An Official Speech

Official speech
This is a sample of a speech presented by one of the Peers Educators/staff. Most people don't know how an official speech goes until they are asked to present one.

Below is a template for the Peers;

I thank God for a day like this. Standing on the established protocols, ladies and gentlemen here present, I am Clementina Egwolomena Ukiri, representing a distinguished fellow, the founder of Samuel Ioron Foundation. Samuel Ioron Foundation is an organization for the promotion of the girl child education, founded and established by Patience Ngunan Aloho (Mrs) who is unavoidably absent. 
It is with great pleasure that I stand before you on this occasion to receive on her behalf and the aforementioned organization this honorable award by the Civil Society of Nigeria. This award is dedicated to all women and girls fighting for education in Nigeria. 
Thank you all the organizers, the civil society, and all non-governmental organizations present. I, on behalf of Mrs Patience Ngunan Aloho, really appreciate this great offer and opportunity. God bless the Civil society of Nigeria, God bless Lagos State and God bless Nigeria.
Thank you all once again!

First, we will like to analyse the speech above and see how we can interpret it for everyone to understand.
The components of a speech includes the following:
1. Greeting.
2. Introduction.
3. Body of Speech.
4. Conclusion.

These four major components are included in various ways depending on the type of speech and at the presenter's discretion.

For peers and everyone else, don't forget the most vital ingredient of a speech. You must be confident and recognize that you are talking to an audience. This is important because the connection you create with them enhances their interest in whatever you have to say

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