In the evolution of the human race some friends who acquires a new status, especially political position suddenly acquires a new circle of friends, they feel commensurate with their new status and position and consequently discountenance with their age-long friendship, quickly forgetting all the positive things he/she shared and the allure of power becomes too great for them to ignore. Their friends' calls now irritates them as not only will they not pick their calls, but will not return any. When he/she picks their calls, he/she will be in a hurry to end it.

Some people in power usually pretend to be very busy and if you make an attempt of visiting them at home or at the office they give you plethora and avalanche of reasons why you are unlikely to meet them at home, and when you eventually succeed, you will be lucky to have a few minutes in audience with them. For them, every call or visit is an attempt to seek a favour. They will now look upon you as belonging to a lower social circle they once belonged to. They may be the same persons who once claimed to be peasants (Talakawas) and defenders of the rights of the poor people and disenfranchised in the society but when they get the power to enfranchise you, they differ. 

Such friends are now obligated to maintain a professional, social and financial distance. For them, relationships are best between persons of equal status to them. Remember, the sincerity of friends is only known during trials or hard times.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely for those who possess it and use it without recourse to good conscience. So, don't build your life around others or depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when it's dark.

Instead of jubilating or organizing party for a friend who gets political power, it's advisable to distance yourself from such friends and wait until they return to their original person which expressly happens surprisingly the moment they leave office.

On the other side, true friends are known when there is no means of benefits. They are friends who get into new positions of opportunities and responsibilities and keep the bond of friendship even stronger. They look out for you. They have your best interest at heart. They take out some time to check on you through calls, text messages and other means even when the call of duty is daunting. They may not give you money. They do not have to. It's usually not about money but about love and conviviality towards someone you have shared remarkable moments with in the past. These categories of friends are worth celebrating and immortalizing. 

May God Almighty bless us with TRUE FRIENDS.

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