๐ŸŒน *I.K.THANY, ESQ. has churned out 15 powerful  agenda/manifesto to be the torch bearer for his future path in piloting the leadership of the NBA Ikorodu branch popularly called the Oga branch if voted in by the learned electorates* ๐ŸŒน

*Position:* Chairmanship Candidate, NBA Ikorodu Branch.

15 Point Agenda:

1. Peace, Unity and Progress of the Ikorodu Bar. (Purposeful Reconciliation and compromise initiative)

2. To cater to the welfare of members & embark on policies for a better life for members; to earn respect for lawyers and put an end to *police brutality* of lawyers and *charlatanism* within our jurisdiction.

3. *Continuity* with the programs and policies of the *present administration* with modifications towards better service delivery.
4. Construction of an *ultra modern bar centre* which will be a one stop shop for all social, recreational and bar activities and a model for other Branches with aim of *generating revenue* to fund branch activities and programs including law week and housing of *a law hub/free office spaces for young lawyers and other members desiring same* .

There *shall be an event centre open for rent by the general public* and a hall for our monthly meetings. The event centre and recreation facilities like swimming pool, lawn tennis court and bar will be a beehive of activities and a cash cow for the Branch with *honorary membership of the NBA Club* given to deserving and distinguished members of the Ikorodu Community and environs with *yearly financial subscription attached* .

This will reduce incidence of  the Branch going cap in hand to appeal to non lawyers to contribute to bar activities/programs.

5. *Reduction in Branch Dues with effect from year 2021 which shall attract 1/4 of our practicing fee instead of 1/2.*

6. Establishment of *Lawyers Estate/Housing Scheme.*

7. Establishment of *Cooperative Scheme and Thrift and Credit Facilities/Scheme and Insurance.*

8. To push for the *Criminal & Probate Division in the High Court Ikorodu* Division.

9. To cater to the welfare of young lawyers and to *make the YLF more relevant* and vibrant.

10. To step up our *Community Service initiatives and interventions with emphasis on pro bono* and outreach programs.

11.To attract and/or partner with Traditional Institutions (Ayangburen in Council, Adeboruwa in Council, Alajede in Council, Council of Baales Ikorodu Division, etc.), NGOs (FIDA, AWLA, NCWS, SERAP, WRAPA, ROTARY, LIONS Club etc) , Corporate Firms and Government Agencies & Departments (LEGAL AID COUNCIL, NHRC, etc.) and International Agencies (British Council, etc) to realise our set goals and objectives.

12. *Probity, Accountability & Transparency in Financial Practices of the Branch* .

13. A 24 hours complaints, suggestions & advice *helpline* .

14. To *uphold* the *Constitution & Bye Law of the NBA and the Law of the land.*

15. To carry out such other *objects policies and programs that will positively impact the Ikorodu Community, Lagos State and Nigeria * welfare of and the Ikorodu Community, Lagos State and Nigeria in general.

*Mantra:* "Think something, see something and do something where others think nothing, see nothing and do nothing".

๐ŸŒนWith the midas touch, I. K. will do it! ๐ŸŒน

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