For the umpteenth time, the race to the elective positions of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ikorodu branch has begun and stakeholders are pitching their tents. Aspirants declaring their interests and supporters warming up to the game of thrones.

While we hope and pray for the most decorous campaign in our clime, we as members wish above all to have at the end of the day deserving and selfless leaders from the crop.

Below is the excerpt of the expression of interest to vie for the Chairmanship position of the Ikorodu NBA branch by Barrister I. K Thany. Enjoy!

"My Dear Distinguished Seniors and Honorable Colleagues, I hereby humbly express my intention to occupy the office of Chairman of our beloved NBA Ikorodu Branch for the 2020 - 2022 tenure.

Towards this end, I picked the Nomination Form for the office of Chairman of our Branch today, 3/3/2020.
This paves the way for me to henceforth treat you to a cocktail of my program of action encapsulated in my manifesto.As you would have observed, I have hit the ground running. I believe in setting out on time and delivering on time.

Just like the incumbent, I possess the energy, agility and vibrancy of youth required to deliver the office as your preferred Chairmanship candidate.

I seize this opportunity to thank all my teeming fans and supporters in my last botched attempt. Our collective dreams shall be fulfilled this time around by the grace of God.

Let me say with air of clairvoyance that we shall go about this campaign in the most civil and decorous manner deserving of members of the most noble profession in the world - our profession, the law profession.

My campaign will be shun of rabble rousing, name calling or mudslinging. I enjoin my supporters to key into this noble and dignified way of doing things. Let us not foul the platform with unnecessary sloganeering but let our posts be issue based.

Let us unite in the interest of our branch and in our own interests. With me, there will be no factions in our Branch. Let us forgive the mistakes of the past. If you see a man who does not make mistakes you then see a man who probably does nothing.

The I.K. is Okay brand remains. The chips are now up. When the chips are down I.K. will be our Chairman in whom we are all well pleased.

Thank you Gentlemen. Welcome to the new milieu"

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