I have friends, class mates and acquaintances working in different Law firms and organizations.

The way you treat your employee will reflect on your needs in the future.

In Templars of Akpata, there are 15 Partners most who grew up the rank from Associateship.

The promotion and growth rate is on the merit.

Associate gets study leave abroad sponsored by the firm to Havard and the likes.

A youth corper goes home with a salary of  #150, 000 monthly and after which when he is  retained on the merit, he earns over #200, 000 monthly for starters.

The environment is not vindictive, harassing but condusive and comfortable. In such a way you wouldn't know if you are working late into the evening because you work with comfort and contentment.

It is easy to conclude, OH! it is because they have money from big briefs. Yes, it adds but who does the work? members! Who brings the briefs? all the partners some who were once associates.

The Bible says, he that is faithful in little is faithful in much.

An employer who will not pay his employees #10, 000 will not pay #200, 000.

Yesterday morning, I bumped into my set mate from the law school working in Templars lodging in Transcorp Hotel Calabar, same hotel I was.

We exchanged pleasantries and he told me he came with a partner for a trial in Calabar. We were both happy, he is contented and exposed to first hand law practice.

Just for adds. When I was with S.O.K Shillings, he would give me task to expose me. Sometimes I will be reluctant, but he would say I see potentials in you but you need to do this and that to tap into it.

At a point, he asked me to work on a final written address of a matter laced with intricacies. I tried and he will say, make it better. We went through it over and over again. He will say, convince me on this point and that. I would try like a rehearsal until I got it right.

At the end, he touched the work up with knowledge and experience. We won the matter landslide.

I have replicated that same written address in a defamation matter wherein I knew our client was liable, we won the matter and had the claim dismissed in Benin city.

There are so many things which endears people. However, remember charity begins at home.

 *Vote Akpata for NBA National President.*

 *Vote SOK Shillings for NBA 1st Vice President*

 *One is a corporate Lord and the other is born litigator. A good compact.*

Akpata is non negotiable for the teaming young lawyers and people of goodwill.

If my friends are happy, I am happy.

On Akpata I stand!

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