We are basking in some awesome love.

Love...coming from someone who loves the branch before meeting the Branch.

We are basking in the fact that thoughts could be formed and nursed into action by you and your team towards remembering your colleagues in this difficult time.

Definitely, such love is beyond votes. Love whose resilience was tested by rejection.

We are not ingrates Mr. Olumide Akpata. You could have channeled your resources on something else but no, you prefer the way of sacrifice.

The distance did not deter you and your team. That to us is love.

You came visiting with hands full, upholding the hope that things can get better when humanity think beyond immediate gains.

You want your colleagues alive that we might observe no minute for the dead. That's awesome!

As God lives and the power of His resurrection, your good deeds shall be reckoned with by God Himself.

As those provision goes to satisfy as many mouths as possible, in multiple manners shall you and your team obtain satisfaction for your hearts' longings.

On behalf of us all in Ikorodu the Oga branch, we say thank you.

Say us well to your friends.

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