For the 5 years Abba did his job as a Chief of Staff, I am not aware of any media interview he did. He did his job quietly. The only  thing I ever read from him was an Opinion-Ed he did on Thisday Newspaper during the run up to the 2019 Presidential election in support of his principal.

Politics is a clique struggle. Those who win become the cabals and those who lose out plant stories against the cabal to weaken them. Abba served his employer, the president dutifully and he repaid by giving him more trust.

Politics is about interest. FFK writes about Buhari with so much bile that you would think he is bile itself, but for Abba, he is prepared to go to war, if you write against Abbba. He loved Abba. The APC hierarchy say, Abba was nowhere in 2015 yet has been giving so much responsibility. Whatever, his boss liked it.

Abba was the intellectual arm of the Presidency. With a degree in Sociology from the University of Warwick and that of Law from the University of Cambridge, and further training at Harvard he had every right to this claim. He was a  former commissioner in Borno State, a former CEO of UBA, a former Editor, a board member of ExxonMobil and Unilever. He had sufficient experience and Buhari relying on them is no crime.

He was responsible for bringing Ibe Kachikwu into the system, and I did hear that Geoffrey Onyeama, the minister of foreign affairs was the best man at his wedding or vice versa.

What has Abba actually done wrong? I am yet to see anyone who has answered this question. Abba is not an elected official, his duty is to his boss. He does not also head any government agency. I am curious to know his crime.

Typical Nigeria, it is a hard thing. If the majority are doing so, then it is right. No observation of theirs. Nothing. Just mass hysteria. No wonder the late Senegalese President, Philosopher and Poet Leopold Sender Segnor, wrote: " emotions is for the Africans and reasoning for the Greeks "

You can gloat, throw a party and dance over the death of Abba, the important thing is; how would it affect your life? After all we danced when Abacha died and nothing changed.

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